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Tom Bryant

Review of the TEC eyepiece turret
[User Review]  | 09/20/11 | by Tom Bryant
Overall, the likes far outweigh the dislikes, and of the many gadgets I've acquired over the years, none surpasses the eyepiece turret.. . .

A review of the Celestron CPC 1100 telescope
[User Review]  | 05/12/12 | by Tom Bryant
This telescope is a pretty good telescope. Bang for the buck, it's very hard to beat for what I ask of a telescope.. . .

A Tale of Two Observatories
[User Review]  | 11/22/12 | by Tom Bryant

If you're a planetary observer who does not need to see the zenith, and wants to see more of the sky than a narrow slit will allow, the SkyShed POD is f. . .

Some notes on Visual Urban Astronomy.
[Article | 01/19/13 | by Tom Bryant
It is reasonable to assume that ... in my badly light polluted back yard, the faintest stars I can reach should be around 10.5mv... This depressingly re. . .

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