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Steve Coe
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What's Up Lacerta
[Article | 10/09/06 | by Steve Coe
October is a great month for using a telescope and enjoying the sky.. . .

What's Up Sextans
[Article | 03/29/05 | by Steve Coe
Take a journey through the little known constellation, Sextans.. . .

What's Up Leo
[Article | 05/09/05 | by Steve Coe
Looking for galaxies in Leo?. . .

What's Up Hercules
[Article | 05/31/05 | by Steve Coe
Hercules is a constellation that many novice deep sky observers learn early. There are two bright Messier objects in this constellation and that certainly . . .

What's Up Draco
[Article | 07/05/05 | by Steve Coe
I have had a chance to take a look at the Cambridge Atlas of Galaxies, thanks to Gerry Rattley for bringing this two volume photographic atlas to the Sag. . .

What's Up Sagitta
[Article | 08/01/05 | by Steve Coe
It is bright, pretty large, very rich and much compressed at 135X in my old 17.5". At 165X on a good night, I can see an arrowhead shape to the cl. . .

What's Up Delphinus
[Article | 09/02/05 | by Steve Coe
NGC 6891 is bright, pretty small and somewhat elongated at 100X in the 13" f/5.6 Newtonian telescope. It is a little difficult to find in a rich Milky . . .

Whats Up Pegasus
[Article | 10/03/05 | by Steve Coe
Pegasus is a large constellation in the autumn sky and being far away from the plane of the Milky Way, it contains lots of galaxies. Many are faint and. . .

Whats Up Sculptor
[Article | 10/24/05 | by Steve Coe
Steve Coe takes a deep sky tour of Sculptor. . .

What's Up Aries
[Article | 12/01/05 | by Steve Coe
The Sign of the Ram happens to be my astrological sign, so I would like to take a little space to say a couple of nice things about astrology. . .

What's Up Auriga
[Article | 01/06/06 | by Steve Coe
The Northern part of the Winter Milky Way is at its' best in Auriga, the Charioteer. . .

What's Up Canis Major
[Article | 01/31/06 | by Steve Coe
Take a deep sky tour of Canis Major. . .

What's Up Cancer
[Article | 03/03/06 | by Steve Coe
Take a deep sky tour of Cancer. . .

What's Up Hydra
[Article | 04/03/06 | by Steve Coe
This month's constellation contains the reddest star in the sky, so I would like to take a minute to chat about red stars.. . .

What's Up Coma Berenices
[Article | 05/04/06 | by Steve Coe
I have been lucky enough to be able to observe with several friends over the years, friends who have large telescopes. . .

What's Up Bootes
[Article | 06/01/06 | by Steve Coe
The good news about Bootes is that it is easy to spot because Arcturus is a first magnitude star and a beautiful light yellow to my eye. . .

What's Up Scorpius
[Article | 06/30/06 | by Steve Coe
This month we will deal with the first constellation I definitely remember learning as a Boy Scout. That is the obvious star picture of Scorpius. . .

What's Up Lyra
[Article | 08/01/06 | by Steve Coe
There are small constellations that have very few showpiece deep sky objects, Corona Borealis comes to mind, and then there are small areas of the sky that. . .

What's Up LYNX
[User Review]  | 03/01/05 | by Steve Coe
Lynx is one of those constellations that is tough to find. The brightest stars are fourth magnitude and there aren't many of those. I don't actually re. . .

CN Report: Antares 25mm W70 vs Orion 22mm Epic ED
[CN Report | 09/01/04 | by Steve Coe
Long time observer and author Steve Coe compares the Antares 25mm W70 and the Orion 22mm Epic ED across several telescopes. . .

What's Up Cepheus
[Article | 08/30/06 | by Steve Coe
Cepheus takes up a lot of space near the North Celestial Pole and also dips a toe into the Milky Way just north of Cygnus.. . .

What’s up—Cetus
[Article | 11/02/06 | by Steve Coe
Cetus is a large constellation, so I will stay in the western part of this area for now. . .

What's Up Perseus
[Article | 12/02/06 | by Steve Coe
Perseus has always been the kind of constellation that I really enjoy.. . .

What's Up Camelopardalis
[Article | 01/10/07 | by Steve Coe
Camelopardalis is the constellation of a giraffe. . . .

What's Up Gemini
[Article | 02/02/07 | by Steve Coe
Gemini, the constellation of the Twins. . .

What's Up Pyxis and Vela
[Article | 03/26/07 | by Steve Coe
Let's try some constellations that are far to the south. . .

What's Up Ursa Major
[Article | 05/05/07 | by Steve Coe
What's Up Ursa Major. . .

What's Up Corvus
[Article | 06/20/07 | by Steve Coe
Corvus has always been one of those constellation figures that really stands out for me. . .

What's Up Libra
[Article | 07/11/07 | by Steve Coe
Libra is a constellation of the zodiac and so many people will know of it from astrology.. . .

What's Up Aquila
[Article | 08/14/07 | by Steve Coe
What's Up Aquila. . .

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