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Peter Vercauteren
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Combes 14" Dob vs. Nexstar 8
[Shootout | 11/11/05 | by Peter Vercauteren
For years I've been observing with my good old Nexstar8. It was a fine instruments and it gave me many happy observing thrills. But I came to discove. . .

GSO 30mm & 20mm Super-Views
[User Review]  | 12/15/05 | by Peter Vercauteren
Since I recently bought a 14" Dob, it had become obvious that I started a quest to search for a good wide-field eyepiece around 30mm. . .

Detailed test: Siebert 40mm VP Echelon
[User Review]  | 01/19/13 | by Peter Vercauteren
The Siebert VP Echelon is definitely not a binoviewer for beginners, nor is it a good idea to use it on public nights. You must have a certain experience i. . .

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