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Tom Trusock
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Small Wonders: Gemini and Cancer
[Article | 02/25/05 | by Tom Trusock
Cancer (the Crab) and Gemini, (the Twins) are both constellations of the zodiac, but that's about all they have in common. Cancer is far fainter than Gemi. . .

Forum Faq V4
[Article | 03/24/05 | by Tom Trusock
Problems logging in or creating an account in our forums? You may want to read this FAQ. . .

A Binoviewer Journey: Of Microscope Heads, Denkmeier and Tele Vue
[User Review]  | 04/25/03 | by Tom Trusock
…I saw detail that I have *never* seen before in a scope this small. This HAD to be due, at least in part, to the binoviewer. . . .

Gary Wolanski's Fine Focus Adapter
[User Review]  | 09/27/03 | by Tom Trusock
Last April, I was intrigued by the comments of friends who have fine focus or dual speed focusers on their scopes, and I began to wonder, what (if anyt. . .

The Sunspotter: The Safer Solar Telescope
[User Review]  | 09/27/03 | by Tom Trusock
The Sunspotter is a folded achromatic refractor made of baltic birch plywood that projects a 3 ¼ x 3 ¼ image of the sun on a white piece of paper. It's de. . .

9mm Nagler T1, 10.5mm Pentax XL, and 10mm Radian. So which premium eyepiece is REALLY best?
[User Review]  | 05/29/02 | by Tom Trusock
I recently had a chance to get 10mm Radian on loan from Allister St. Claire as part of his outreach program. I have to admit, I was really curious about ho. . .

Speers-Waler 10mm and the Nagler 9mm t1. Underdog Vs the Terminagler:
[User Review]  | 02/21/02 | by Tom Trusock
Some of you may have read my previous review on the Speers-Waler 10mm. In short I stated that I felt it offered Nagler-like performance for about half the . . .

Evenings with the Apogee Wide-Scan Seventies
[User Review]  | 09/23/03 | by Tom Trusock
Lately there seems to be a plethora of Chinese manufactured astronomy equipment on the market, but despite the many different labels they bear it seems lik. . .

Pentax XL 40 vs TeleVue Panoptic 35
[User Review]  | 01/09/02 | by Tom Trusock
For many of us, a Rodenstock or a Nagler 31 is a little outside our ballpark. Faced with the reality of limited funds, we find there are many remaining cho. . .

CN Report: The HB AstroAtlas
[CN Report | 03/22/05 | by Tom Trusock
Looking for a detailed sky atlas? Tom Trusock takes a look at the HB AstroAtlas.... . .

CN Report: The Reflex Finder Shootout
[CN Report | 07/21/04 | by Tom Trusock
Unit Power Finders, Reflex Finders, Reticule Finders and Red Dot Finders or RDF’s call them by any name you like, many amateurs today have one of these uni. . .

CN Report: The Great Lakes Star Gaze
[CN Report | 10/05/05 | by Tom Trusock
Tom Trusock visits Michigans Premiere Star Party..... . .

CN Report: Observing Chair Shootout – Walt’s Observing Chairs, StarStep and the StarBucket Observing Chair
[CN Report | 10/01/04 | by Tom Trusock
If you’ve got a moderate sized dob (eyepiece height up to around 80”) and just need a 6” to 12” step up – this is the perfect chair. On the down side, if . . .

CN Report: The Denkmeier II: Evolution of the Species
[CN Report | 04/01/04 | by Tom Trusock
First off, with the Denk II, Denkmeier Optical now touts the fact that their optical components are made and coated entirely in the USA, and that the coa. . .

CN Report: Portable Power and the Celestron Power Tank
[CN Report | 04/01/04 | by Tom Trusock
In the past, power hungry astronomers used to run cords to the cigarette lighters in our cars, and hope that we didn’t drain the battery. If we did, hope . . .

Small Wonders: Andromeda
[Article | 09/22/04 | by Tom Trusock
Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus, was condemned to be sacrificed to Poseidon and bound to a rock near the shore. Just having returned aft. . .

Small Wonders: Auriga
[Article | 01/02/05 | by Tom Trusock
Auriga - (aw-REE-ga) - A bright constellation located in the winter milky way, the charioteer was probably first placed in the night sky by the ancient bab. . .

Small Wonders: Delphinus and Equuleus
[Article | 08/19/04 | by Tom Trusock
This is something of a sparse piece of sky if you are only interested in looking for bright showpiece objects. For small scopes, there are a few nice deep. . .

Small Wonders: Lyra
[Article | 07/09/04 | by Tom Trusock
Lyra, like most constellations, has been many things to many people over the years. Today we see it as the Lyre. A stringed instrument similar to a harp t. . .

Small Wonders: Orion
[Article | 01/26/05 | by Tom Trusock
If there's one constellation known to astronomer and non astronomer, young and old, it would have to be Orion. It was the first constellation that I learn. . .

The Speers-Waler 10mm
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by Tom Trusock
There once was a mythic line of wide field eyepieces, reputed to be the equal of any other on the market, yet costing only half as much as others in their . . .

CN: Behind the Scenes - Obsession Telescopes
[CN Report | 09/17/05 | by Tom Trusock
This month in CN’s Behind the Scenes we’re thrilled to interview Dave Kriege – the owner and founder of Obsession Telescopes. Dave is one of the major pla. . .

Small Wonders: Pegasus
[Article | 11/02/04 | by Tom Trusock
For naked eye observers, the great square of Pegasus is the dominant feature in northern hemisphere skies in the fall. Ironically, the stars that make up . . .

Small Wonders: Sagittarius
[Article | 07/29/04 | by Tom Trusock
For some reason I've never really fathomed, Sagittarius has long been seen as a cosmic Centaur with a Bow. (In this case, I find it somewhat reminiscent . . .

Small Wonders: Taurus
[Article | 01/10/05 | by Tom Trusock
For the last several thousand years, mankind has been a little bull-headed when it comes to Taurus. It has the distinction of being one of the oldest reco. . .

New Website Layout
[Article | by Tom Trusock
Welcome to the new face of  one of the best astronomy sites on the internet -!  Over the past several years, CN has nearly gotten away f. . .

Small Wonders: Leo
[Article | 03/03/05 | by Tom Trusock
To many Leo's appearance means spring and what's more, signals the start of big game season for serious deep sky aficionados. You won't find the typical a. . .

Small Wonders: Canes Venatici
[Article | 05/26/05 | by Tom Trusock
Canes Venatici is a somewhat small constellation, and may be difficult to find. Flanked by both Ursa Major and Bootes, Canes is located in a somewhat barr. . .

Readers Gallery - November 2005
[Article | 11/22/05 | by Tom Trusock
November 2005 - Readers Gallery Be sure to check out the entire gallery.. . .

April Reader's Gallery
[Article | 03/25/05 | by Tom Trusock
Astrophotos from our own Cloudy Nights forum members. A monthly gallery.. . .

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