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Max Byerly
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Meade 7" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain
[User Review]  | 08/25/09 | by Max Byerly
The Meade 7" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain is a great telescope. The combination of no-collimation of the mirrors but a large enough apeture to see deep sky. . .

Meade 7” LX-200GPS-SMT Review
[User Review]  | 09/06/12 | by Max Byerly
The 7" LX200GPS was discontinued around 2006 when Meade was releasing their LX200R models. The death of the 7" Mak ended there. I was fortunate to get one . . .

iOptron Smartstar Cube 80mm Refractor Review
[User Review]  | 11/22/12 | by Max Byerly
For the money, there is no other scope on the market with this much versatility and capability. You can mount anything under 10 pounds on it, it tracks bet. . .

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