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Fred Rayworth
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My name is Fred Rayworth and I have been into astronomy since 1957. However, I never got a telescope until 1966 when my parents bought me a Sears 60mm refractor on an altaz mount. I soon was not happy with the performance, and decided since I couldn’t afford a larger commercial scope, I’d just build one. I started grinding and polishing my first 8” mirror as a sophomore at Palmdale High School in Calee’ fornia. Since then, I’ve built up to the 16” f/6.4 reflector that I used until last year when I purchased the first commercial I’ve ever owned (except that Sears refractor, which I still have, by the way). In 1982, I started logging my observations and in the 90’s when I learned Microsoft Access, I created a database and transferred all of my stuff to the computer. I have now identified over 1100 objects, and have logged over 3500 individual observations, all indexed and pretty too.

Meade LightBridge 16"
[User Review]  | 11/12/09 | by Fred Rayworth
The scope comes in three major pieces, plus the truss tubes. You have the base, the mirror cage, and upper cage. I had first guessed it would all fit in a . . .

Baader Hyperion 15mm and 8mm Oculars
[User Review]  | 12/14/09 | by Fred Rayworth
As many of you may already know, I am not a fan of high-end eyepieces. I find that the supposed bang you get is not worth the . . .

Meade Laser Collimation Tool
[User Review]  | 12/15/09 | by Fred Rayworth
When I plugged it in, I couldn't get the dot into the diagonal, let alone, center it. I eyeballed my alignment beforehand and when I plugged in the laser, . . .

Cambridge Double Star Atlas
[User Review]  | 01/06/10 | by Fred Rayworth
The book is well organized, has listings for over 2000 double stars, and includes all the Struve numbers. Every double star listed is highlighted in green . . .

Orion Q-70 Eyepiece Set
[User Review]  | 01/06/10 | by Fred Rayworth
I got the whole Q-70 set for Christmas in 2007. I have had a chance to put them through their paces on many occasions in 2008 and 2009 and have learned the. . .

Observing Handbook and Catalogue of Deep-Sky Objects
[User Review]  | 04/02/10 | by Fred Rayworth
I'm a hard-core observer and love nothing better than a good reference book with information that is relevant to my goals. Since my friend Roger and I star. . .

Software: Meagastar
[User Review]  | 04/02/10 | by Fred Rayworth
I love this program. It not only has almost every object I could possibly see with my 16” scope, it has ways to select them and. . .

Review of Meade 14mm & 4.7mm UWA Series 5000
[User Review]  | 10/06/10 | by Fred Rayworth
In my opinion, these eyepieces deliver bang for the buck. They are both permanent members of my arsenal and I see no need to spend another dime on anything. . .

Book Review: Deep-Sky Wonders by Sue French
[User Review]  | 03/27/12 | by Fred Rayworth
This is a gorgeous book, well constructed and something that would be fine in any observer's library. At the same time, it's not something I'd take into th. . .

Review: The Complete Guide To The Herschel Objects
[User Review]  | 01/06/13 | by Fred Rayworth
If you’re a deep-sky observing enthusiast, out to conquer the Herschel 2,400, this is the best book out there. Not only will it define these objects, it wi. . .

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