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John Kramer
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Meade ETX-LS – Part 1 – First Impressions
[User Review]  | 12/08/09 | by John Kramer
This part one will focus on the scopes physical characteristics, such as weight, its fit and finish, overall operation, and my initial night out to test . . .

Meade ETX-LS – Part 2 – Optics
[User Review]  | 12/21/09 | by John Kramer
This is a summary of the optical performance of the Meade ETX-LS, and second part of a 3 part review I'm dedicating to the Meade ETX-LS. . .

Meade ETX-LS – Part 3 – Computerized mount and my final thoughts
[User Review]  | 06/23/10 | by John Kramer
If someone was to ask me to describe, in one word, my experience thus far with the ETX-LS, the word would be fun, even considering the intermittent GPS iss. . .

Review of the Meade LS 8 ACF
[User Review]  | 10/06/10 | by John Kramer
Overall, after a couple of “whew” moments and a bit of irritation regarding vibration when focusing, my impression of the LS 8 is quite good.. . .

Apertura AD12 review
[User Review]  | 11/13/11 | by John Kramer
The Apertura AD12, in its base configuration ($629.98), is a great value in a dobsonian telescope that offers sharp optics and superb motions on both axis.. . .

Book Review: Objects in the Heavens
[User Review]  | 03/27/12 | by John Kramer
Backyard stargazers are always looking for interesting and challenging observing lists and programs, and this guide delivers that in a well thought out, ea. . .

Review: Eyepieces by Olivon Manufacture Group
[User Review]  | 02/02/13 | by John Kramer
Olivon may not yet be a name synonymous with astronomical accessories, but they have a very strong offering into the eyepiece world with the aforementioned. . .

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