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4.8mm Type I Nagler V UO HD Ortho
[User Review]  | 03/04/04 | by Rich Warp
Since acquiring my Vixen FL102S refractor, I've done a little revamping of my eyepiece collection. I've added some shorter focal length eyepieces that I di. . .

40mm Sirius Plossl and 40mm UO MK-70
[User Review]  | 08/20/02 | by Otto Piechowski
Though the merits and limitations of these two eyepieces differ, both are good and worthy of consideration for inclusion in one's eyepiece collection.. . .

6 mm Vixen Lanthanum LV vs. 6 mm UO Ortho
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by David Brodeur
I purchased a 6mm Vixen Lanthanum LV eyepiece along with my first telescope (a Tele Vue Ranger) about four years ago. I was buying the telescope primarily . . .

9mm Pentax SMC Ortho vs. 9mm University Optics Ortho
[Shootout | 04/17/03 | by Albert Bellg
I've seen a number of reviews lauding University Optics orthoscopic eyepieces and claiming that they have nearly the performance of the highest quality Zei. . .

A review of the 31 Nagler versus the 32 Edmund Erfle
[User Review]  | 08/07/10 | by Mark Swanson
There is no question that the 31 Nagler was much better edge corrected than the 32 Edmund. However, this full field sharpness came at a price. I mean that . . .

Comparison of Seven Moderate Priced 16-20mm Eyepieces
[User Review]  | 08/21/03 | by Ed Zarenski
People are always looking to improve their equipment choices. Sometimes it turns out that improving choices doesn’t necessarily mean costing more. I often . . .

University Optics Konigs
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by Frank Bov
I've tried both TV plossl and UO Konig 32mm eyepieces, head to head, and the biggest difference is the eyecup on the TV. Optically, neither I nor the sever. . .

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