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10 mm Clave Plossl, Televue Radian, and Celestron Plossl Comparison Part 1
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by Derek Wong
I have been searching for a 10 mm pair of planetary eyepieces for a long time. Though the Zeiss 10 mm orthoscopic is regarded by many people as "the best",. . .

12mm Televue Radian vs 12.5mm Celestron Ultima & 12.5mm Vixen Ortho
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by PJ Anway
I am fortunate to live under dark skies. And though the natural beauty of the upper peninsula of Michigan has nurtured a tourist "Mecca", those skies are p. . .

Celestron 10mm Axiom LX Eyepiece
[User Review]  | 12/17/09 | by John Noble
Just to set things straight, the 10mm Axiom isn't made of Neutronium though it does feel like a solid billet of aluminum. There is some heft, but not the s. . .

Celestron 7.5mm Ultima and Tele Vue 8mm Radian
[User Review]  | 04/17/03 | by Ed Zarenski
The Celestron 7.5mm Ultima is an excellent high-powered eyepiece. In my 1250mm 5" SCT, I get 167x with a 17' True field of view. In my 1200mm 6" refractor,. . .

Comparison of Seven Moderate Priced 16-20mm Eyepieces
[User Review]  | 08/21/03 | by Ed Zarenski
People are always looking to improve their equipment choices. Sometimes it turns out that improving choices doesn’t necessarily mean costing more. I often . . .

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