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A Plethora of Plossls
[Article | 12/17/09 | by David Elosser
The prodigiously popular Plossl is a perennial pick with astronomers, young and old. Invented in mid-1800 by G. S. Plossl of Austria, it is one of the olde. . .

A Very “Old School” Eyepiece
[Article | 09/15/05 | by Clive Gibbons
First off, I'll admit to being a lover of old optics. Vintage scopes and accessories hold a special appeal to me. So, when I was clearing out some old sp. . .

Brandon Eyepieces
[Article | 04/03/10 | by Robert Morein
This story begins with a tragedy, but since it ends happily, it is what the Greeks called a comedy. It began with the purchase of a set of five Brandon eye. . .

Going Retro
[Article | 10/26/09 | by Jeff Blazey
Last night I spent some quality time with one pair each of old Vixen/Celestron 25MM and 17MM Kellners in my DenkII binoviewers. . .

How to get eyepiece focal length and other useful data from indoors
[How To | 01/25/11 | by Samuel de Roa
Two methods for calculating the focal length and other data of an eyepiece. An Excel sheet is provided for computing different parameters.. . .

How to Properly Center Short Focus Eyepieces
[Article | 11/23/08 | by Ragold Wenz
Short focused eyepieces are often dismissed by their relentless owners . . .

Inexpensive 2” housing for 1.25” eyepieces with SurPlus Shed Item L3890D
[How To | 06/17/10 | by Jack Thomas
Here's a way to inexpensively and semi-permanently house 1¼” eyepieces in two inch housings that can be sourced from Surplus Shed.. . .

Moonfish Binoviewer
[Shootout | 04/07/06 | by Michael Morris
I will admit to being a bit of a skeptic about binoviewers. I’ve always thought of them mainly as a great marketing ploy to get gadget–mad astronomers . . .

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