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Lovely office isn’t it?

I think about astronomy all day at work, and for the most part when I get home. I decided to write about something different for once. I wanted to write about, well nothing. Who knows what will pop up, but it won’t be controversial. I hope it will be funny at times and will prove useful if you share some of my other interests. I tend to ramble. My grammar and structure isn’t so hot as I am going to write this as a free flowing article. The only thing I will do is spell check for the most part. So, enter at your own risk and I hope you will enjoy whatever the heck I am typing about.

Mike Bieler

Apple does it again, maybe.
[Article | 03/05/07 | by Mike Bieler
From what I can tell Apple TV will stream videos from your ITunes compatible computer to any TV with their magic box attached to it.. . .

Gentleman's Poker Alliance
[Article | 03/01/08 | by Mike Bieler
The alliance is a group of gentleman who come together every two weeks for a friendly game of skill. With such colorful individuals such as Wimpy, Coach, . . .

New Astronomics Office
[Article | 01/21/11 | by Mike Bieler
. . .

New Astronomics Office Part II
[Article | 05/06/11 | by Mike Bieler
. . .

The Beatles
[Article | 01/30/07 | by Mike Bieler
I was born in 1972 and this is the only rock music my parents approved of. And this wasn’t on cassette or 8 track. This was the real deal, vinyl.. . .

Why Cloudy Nights is Born to Succeed
[Article | 01/19/09 | by Mike Bieler
If you made it this far, the number one reason for our success, and our continued success, is you and the other 28,000+ Cloudy Nights family members. Clou. . .

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