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By day, Craig Stark, Ph.D., is a professor of neuroscience who studies memory by trying to pull faint signals out of noisy images of brain scans. By night, Craig is an amateur astrophotographer who tries to pull faint signals out of noisy images of deep sky objects.

Craig is perhaps best known for the software he writes for Stark Labs. He's the author of numerous free or affordable pieces of astrophotography software for the Mac and PC including PHD Guiding, Nebulosity, and DSLR Shutter. He's a frequent contributor here on Cloudy Nights and can also be found in the pages of Astrophotography Insight and Astronomy Technology Today.

Image Sampling
[Article | 10/05/09 | by Craig Stark
We're returning to the issue of signal-to-noise in this installment a bit, but it'll take us a chunk of the column to get there directly. The topic in this. . .

Image Sampling Myths - Part 5
[Article | 01/26/10 | by Craig Stark
The first thing on the docket is the notion that the Nyquist Theorem (and its sampling limit) applies only to things like one-dimensional audio streams and. . .

Introduction to Fishing For Photons
[Article | 05/01/09 | by Craig Stark
Before we dive into the meat of things here with the first real entry, it's probably worth spending a bit of time introducing myself and introducing this c. . .

On the Bench: QHY-10
[Article | 06/16/12 | by Craig Stark
The QHY10 gives you the size of a typical DSLR sensor, but in a package that gives you a full 16-bits worth of data (vs. 12 or 14 bits), regulated cooling . . .

Profiling the Long-Exposure Performance of a Canon DSLR
[Article | 07/02/12 | by Craig Stark
Every tool has constraints on how best to use it. This helps us understand a bit more about those built into the Canon DSLRs.. . .

Signal to Noise: Part 3 - Measuring your Camera
[Article | 07/07/09 | by Craig Stark
Believe it or not, you can get very accurate measurements on your camera with only a minimum of hardware, skills, and time. . .

Signal to Noise: Understanding it, Measuring it, and Improving it (Part 1)
[Article | 05/01/09 | by Craig Stark
You've probably heard it before and if you continue to read my columns here, you'll hear it a hundred more times -- astrophotography is all about. . .

Signal to Noise: Understanding it, Measuring it, and Improving it | Part 2 - Understanding One Pixel
[Article | 05/25/09 | by Craig Stark
In this installment, we'll talk about the fundamental unit of our image – the pixel. While it may seem like a pretty low bar to set here, understa. . .

Upgrade Yourself with IP4AP
[Article | 09/14/09 | by Craig Stark
We're going to take a bit of a break from the series on SNR and explore another side of astrophotography. It's a side that many inclined to think of this . . .

What to do When PHD Guiding isn't Push Here Dummy
[How To | 05/09/12 | by Craig Stark
I designed PHD Guiding to be as simple as "Push Here Dummy". When everything works, it's great (and quite often that's the case!). But, what do you do when. . .

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