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APM-100mm binocular telescope “More horse power for the aperture hungry eyes”
[User Review]  | 11/03/10 | by Steve Brian
All in all these are keepers, and I would recommend the APMs for individual’s looking for a quality, portable binocular telescope at just over the $1000 pr. . .

Binocular review: Fujiyama 7x50 ZCF and Konus Army 10x50
[User Review]  | 06/23/10 | by Vincenzo Maielli
The FMC treatment of the Konus Army 10x50 I bought was completely ruined after first time cleaning with a standard equipment microfiber cleaning cloth. Fro. . .

Bushnell 10x42 Legend Ultra HD (Realtree Camo)
[User Review]  | 09/18/11 | by Scott Beith
For someone looking for a good general purpose pair of binoculars with outstanding optics and build quality, the Bushnell 10X42 Legend Ultra HD is an excel. . .

Celestron SkyMaster 15x70mm binoculars review
[User Review]  | 10/10/10 | by Johann Mahne
Excellent value for money. The vision at the extreme ends of view (if you ever look at something on the edge of the field of view) does lose some clarity. . . .

Comparative review: Fujinon FMTRC 7x50 and Vixen Ultima 8x56
[User Review]  | 06/25/10 | by Vincenzo Maielli
I certainly am fully happy with both Fujinon and Vixen binoculars. The first, that fully complies with U.S. Navy military specs, is the perfect companion f. . .

Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II
[User Review]  | 07/10/10 | by Boris Stromar
The Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II are certanly not the best binoculars around but they deliver excellent quality for the price and I think will satisfy most ama. . .

Review of Revelation 15 x 70 binocular
[User Review]  | 08/06/10 | by Michael Chin
This binocular is especially good to look at open clusters. M6 and M7 were brilliant with this instrument. However, the most amazing thing about this binoc. . .

Review of the Bino-Brac IV on three binoculars
[User Review]  | 12/27/10 | by Harry Jacobson
The Bino-Brac IV is the latest of a series of Bino-Brac finder mounts for binoculars from Astronomy-Shoppe.. . .

Steiner 8.5x26 Wildlife Pro
[User Review]  | 02/21/11 | by Scott Beith
For someone looking for an upgrade in optical and build quality over run of the mill compact binoculars, the Steiner 8.5X26 Wildlife Pro is a great option.. . .

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