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APM-100mm binocular telescope “More horse power for the aperture hungry eyes”
[User Review]  | 11/03/10 | by Steve Brian
All in all these are keepers, and I would recommend the APMs for individual’s looking for a quality, portable binocular telescope at just over the $1000 pr. . .

Apogee 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 02/03/03 | by Eugene Artemyeff
I have been enjoying astronomy for over forty years. I own a 10” f/4.5 dob, a 80mm f/5 refractor on a GEM, a twin 8” Newtonian binocular scope that I just. . .

Apogee 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 12/14/09 | by Shane Passmore
The case that they arrived in is a combo zipper/Velcro closure and has some padding and stiffness. You wouldn't want to drop them while they're in this cas. . .

Apogee 25x100 versus BT-80
[User Review]  | 01/26/04 | by Michiel Claessen
Hello, it’s me again. The wonderful thing about owning more various telescopes is that the amount of comparison reports that you can write goes up fast. I . . .

Astromeccanica/Hutech Borg 100ED Binoscope
[User Review]  | 09/13/04 | by Milton E. Wilcox
This instrument is a hybrid 100mm binocular made up of a light-gathering front end using Borg 100ED objectives and a viewing back end using an Astromeccani. . .

[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Derek Wong
I have been searching for an outstanding pair of medium aperture (4-6") binoculars to cruise the galaxy for several years. Thanks to a brilliant designer n. . .

BT100 Binoculars for Birding
[User Review]  | 12/06/05 | by Graham Brown
You've read all about using BT100 binoculars for astronomy, but they do have other applications, so here is an alternative view of them!. . .

Burgess Optical 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 01/05/10 | by Shane Passmore
The case that the Burgess pair came with is vinyl/pleather covered with a combo zipper/velcro closure and has some padding and stiffness. You wouldn't want. . .

Celestron 25x100mm Skymaster Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/10/05 | by Michael Gilmer
Inexpensive 25x100mm Celestron Skymaster Binoculars. . .

Celestron SkyMaster 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 07/30/03 | by Myron Calkins
I was introduced to astronomy at 13 with a 60mm TASCO telescope on a terrible Alt-Az mount. I used that scope consistently and frequently until I discovere. . .

Celestron SkyMaster 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 12/18/09 | by Nayan Chakravarty
Celestron shipped me the product in a Nylon bag with a decent cushioned support. Though I was expecting sturdier bag like Zhumell 25x100 case but unfort. . .

Fujinon 150mm Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Martin Birkmaier
With the discovery of the Hyakutake comet the worlds largest binocular has become known to the general public. Fujinon binoculars have been predominently u. . .

[User Review]  | 01/20/01 | by David A. Novoselsky
When not so young Dave last addressed all of you on the subject of LARGE binoculars, he had fallen in love with a pair of Miyauchi 20X100 Fluorite binocula. . .

Garrett Optical 25x100 IF Binoculars
[User Review]  | 03/30/06 | by Art Fritzson
I wanted to try some “serious” tripod based observing with the same simplicity as the Obies. 20x80 seemed too small a step up and there was a nice select. . .

Garrett Optical 30x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 03/03/07 | by Victor Barbu
Why 30x100? I wanted something bigger than 70 mm, but simply couldn't afford bigger than 100 (and dealing with the weight associated with 100mm+), and ha. . .

I.T.E. LABT-100 Large Aperture Binocular
[User Review]  | 09/27/03 | by Joshua Finkler
I am a huge fan of viewing the night sky with binoculars, but find that ordinary 50-70mm binoculars don't allow me to see "deep" enough into the night sky,. . .

Miyauchi Fluorite 100mm Binoculars
[User Review]  | 04/17/00 | by David A. Novoselsky
Having read Mike Barr's comments on SAA regarding his positive experience with his Miyauchi fluorite binoculars, I was intrigued. I already owned several f. . .

Miyauchi Saturn III vs Tele Vue 127
[User Review]  | 01/27/06 | by C.E. Steuart Dewar
This won't be a scientific comparison - just some rambling observing notes over the course of some five hours of observing with both.. . .

Nikon 20 x 120 III Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Rob Moore
I've always had an interest in optics, even at an early age. Over the years I've had several different types of high quality, small binoculars that I've us. . .

Nikon 20 x 120mm Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Markus Ludes
Lately I have noticed that a number of binocular observers are asking how the Nikon 20 x 120s perform against other large binoculars , such as Vixen , Myau. . .

Notes on Fujinon 25x150 binoculars
[User Review]  | 07/12/02 | by Mr. Bill
Color is what one would expect from a f/5 achromat with air spaced doublet objective; definitely there but not objectionable. During daytime observing, it . . .

Oberwerk 100mm BT's
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Ron Davidson
I have always wanted to spend the night slowly scanning the skies with a large pair of binoculars. Well, for the last five weeks I finally got that chance.. . .

Oberwerk 25 x 100mm Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Bill Faatz
I have just returned from 5 days camping in the White Mountains on the California-Nevada border at 8600 feet and in central Nevada at 7600 feet under good . . .

Oberwerk 45-deg 100mm Binocular Telescope
[User Review]  | 12/22/06 | by Mark Stephenson
I have been an amateur astronomer for over 40 years, during which time I've owned/used many instruments. . .

One Year Review: Apogee 25 x 100mm Binoculars
[User Review]  | 09/14/05 | by Joseph Rome
First rule for this beast is, “If you buy them, you must mount them.” I have tried several ways to mount them but I always resort to cheating somewhat. . . .

Pro-Optic 25x100 Binoculars
[User Review]  | 05/09/03 | by Joseph Drapell
Mounted on a fluid head, these “Ultra Giant” binos needs a counterweight when pointed toward zenith. They also need a second arm (not shown) to move effort. . .

Strathspey 25x100 45-deg Binocular Telescope
[User Review]  | 01/10/06 | by Derrick McCourt
Review of Strathspey 25 x 100, 45 degree telescope binoculars Helical focusers with inter-changeable 1.25" eyepieces . . .

ZHUMELL TACHYON 25 x100 Astronomical Binoculars with Heavy Duty Tripod
[User Review]  | 12/08/09 | by Bryan Williams
Being that I am rather new to this hobby, I wanted to get a pair of large binoculars without breaking the bank to re-familiarize myself with the sky before. . .

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