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  • Questar And Mount
    Questar And Mount
    Hi Dave, Gorgeous mount, worthy of the Questar ! You have given me great inspirationnow that I once again have a lathe & mill. It would be very interesting to see aphoto of...
  • Mars 17 June 2016
    Mars 17 June 2016
    Hi Scott,Thanks for posting this!  I'm new to the hobby and still am unsure what my little 130mm f/5 reflector can and can't show me.  I was visually observing mars at 191x last night for...
  • M109 Stack 30
    M109 Stack 30
    Celestron 130 SLT
  • M104 11sX27
    M104 11sX27
    Celestron 130 SLT
  • M97 350g 12sX26
    M97 350g 12sX26
    Celestron 130 SLT

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