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  • Rancho de los Spiritos de Oro, Rodeo, New Mexico
    Rancho de los Spiritos de Oro, Rodeo, New Mexico
    Hi David,I am kind of close to you.  I'm east of Tucson in Benson, Arizona.   I have three acres, mobile home, own well, observatory is ten by twelve with two piers.  Equipment and s...
  • M42 Nebulosity
    M42 Nebulosity
    Oops, Album name is Fairhavens and is owned by Gork.!email is fairhavens85602@gmail.com
  • M42 Nebulosity
    M42 Nebulosity
    Hey Mag,Sounds like we are pretty close on equip.  Mine, including software is:10" Orion f/3.9 Astrograph Canon 1100D (T3) Full ModParaCorr CC Losmandy G11 mount Orion Star Shoot AG Orion 80mm...
  • Jupiter
    Orbital altitude? Sorry, but i'm not sure what exactly Orbital altitude is. The altitude above Sea Level of the location from where I took this image is sommewhere in the neighborhood of 2500...
  • Jupiter
    So, what was the orbital altitude from which you imaged this?

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