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  • Tinsley Saturn 6" f/20 Cassegrain
    Tinsley Saturn 6" f/20 Cassegrain
    An extraordinary restoration of a beautiful scope - kudos to you Bob
  • Bausch & Lomb 8001 Pro
    Bausch & Lomb 8001 Pro
    Nice looking scope. I picked up an 8001 better than a year ago from someone who used to work at B&L in east Hartford ct. I picked up a drive for it last year and just recently bought a Celestin...
  • November 2016 Randolph Jay
    November 2016 Randolph Jay
    Randolph, this is absolutely gorgeous. The textures across the surface of the mares is wonderful, and the shadows… incredible!
  • RFT 45x300mm
    RFT 45x300mm
    Mate, that is fantastic!  The mount, the OTA... I hope you do a write up of it, how you did it etc.   Well done.
  • Healey "Utahpia" Observatory"
    Healey "Utahpia" Observatory"
    Harley...I live in West Haven just up the road.  I'm building an observatory this summer.  I want to come see what you did.  How can we contact each other...phone...email...?

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