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Binocular Universe: A Few Hairy Objects
[Article | 04/05/14 | by Phil Harrington
Clear skies come few and far between at this time of year, at least in my neck of the woods, so I like to take advantage of just about every one that happe. . .

Microscopic Telescope
[Article | 04/05/14 | by Josef Vnucko
For several months I have been using this type of telescope, which I invented, built and successfully used for planetary and other objects for which large . . .

April Skies
[Article | 04/05/14 | by Dick Cookman

Highlights: Comet Journal, Martian Landers, Meteor Showers, Galaxies Galore, Planet Plotting, April Moon

Focus Constellations: C. . .

What's Up - M 42 the great nebula in Orion
[Article | 03/29/14 | by Steve Coe
So, you wouldn’t think I would start a set of articles about the best objects in the sky without including the Orion Nebula, would you?. . .

Rigel Systems nFocus Review
[User Review]  | 03/29/14 | by Joe Sullivan
If you are looking for a step up from the 50-dollar focusers this is the smart choice.. . .

Mirror vs. Dielectric vs. Prism Diagonal Comparison
[Article | 03/29/14 | by William Paolini
The diagonal as an absolutely critical component in the telescope’s optical chain, particularly where planetary observation is concerned. The diagonal sh. . .

Alt-Az Pipe Mount: Digital Version with Encoders
[Article | 03/29/14 | by Miroslav Smolka
Home-made telescope mounts made of plumbing parts have been built and described before. Encouraged by these achievements, I decided to try utilizing my cur. . .

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