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What’s Up - M 5 in Serpens
[Article | 07/12/14 | by Steve Coe
Charles Messier discovered this cluster in 1763 while following a comet.  His telescope did not have the size to resolve any stars. . . .

July Skies
[Article | 07/09/14 | by Dick Cookman

Highlights: Comet Journal, Martian Landers, Meteor Showers, Planet Plotting, July Moon

Focus Constellations: Cassiopeia, Camelop. . .

Product Review - Bresser Messier AR-127S/635
[User Review]  | 07/08/14 | by Van Webster
For the price, this telescope is a good value but don’t expect the performance of a top imported scope, at thousands of dollars more out of pocket.  Set . . .

Thoughts about the new Meade introductory scopes
[Article | 07/08/14 | by Bill Steen
I started writing this article as a way to collect my thoughts on the new scopes. My plans were to send it to my contact with Meade, just to let him know . . .

Binocular Universe: Barlow Bob’s Star
[Article | 07/01/14 | by Phil Harrington
Last month, the community of amateur astronomers lost one of the “good ones” when news came that Robert “Barlow Bob” Godfrey had passed away.. . .

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