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Aug 17 2014 09:54 AM | buynoski in Articles

Not into “heavy scientific” work? Just want to enjoy the colorful rainbows of other stars, or see the fascinating absorption line detail in the solar spectrum? A number of options, some quite inexpensive, are available to display spectra for you.

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William Optics Star 71 Astrograph First Impress...

Aug 16 2014 03:05 PM | rford322 in Telescope Articles

My first impression is excellent.  The WO Star 71 has a wide, well illuminated, flat field of view, exactly what I was looking for. 

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Thoughts about the new Meade introductory scopes

Jul 08 2014 09:45 AM | Bill Steen in Articles

I started writing this article as a way to collect my thoughts on the new scopes. My plans were to send it to my contact with Meade, just to let him know what I was thinking, since I communicate with beginners looking for what scope to purchase.

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A 7inch F/3 Schmidt Camera

Jun 14 2014 07:02 AM | davidc135 in Articles

Cloudy Nights members may be interested in a Schmidt camera that I made twenty odd years ago. Although photographic equipment has moved on since then, and Schmidt’s original design will now appeal to few, the novel method of making the corrector plate might still be useful in making a Schmidt Cassegrain telescope or astrograph.

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The Grossmugl Star Walk Installation

Jun 08 2014 07:28 AM | admin in Articles

Grossmugl is home to the worldwide first permanent star walk installation designed for astronomical observations with the unaided eye.

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Grab N' Go Alt-Az Adventures: Orion 8” f/4.9 Re...

May 07 2014 08:00 AM | admin in Articles

The whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts, and this assembly really re-ignited my passion in this hobby.

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Navigating the Virgo Galaxy Cluster

Apr 27 2014 12:54 AM | admin in Articles

Spring is the perfect time to explore the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. Even small telescopes show a nice assembly of galaxies. Most maps available, however, are rendered by sky charting software and fail to give a meaningful impression of what to expect in the eyepiece.

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Overlay your DSLR & CCD images in Google Earth

Apr 27 2014 12:31 AM | coinboy1 in Articles

I have recently discovered a great way to make your DSLR & CCD images interactive. I wanted a way to showcase my images and thought it would be neat to have a “map” of all my astrophotography images in one place. After doing some research, I have found a cool and free way to do that.

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Microscopic Telescope

Apr 05 2014 10:17 AM | Josef-cz in Articles

For several months I have been using this type of telescope, which I invented, built and successfully used for planetary and other objects for which large magnifications are appropriate, eg Moon, planets, double stars and others.

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Mirror vs. Dielectric vs. Prism Diagonal Compar...

Mar 29 2014 02:28 AM | BillP in Articles

The diagonal as an absolutely critical component in the telescope’s optical chain, particularly where planetary observation is concerned. The diagonal should therefore be selected with as much care and consideration as the eyepiece.

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