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SkyWatcher ED Esprit 120mm Apochromatic Triplet

Aug 17 2014 10:36 AM | DarrenT in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

I have always said that if I had to go from having a couple of scopes to one in weighing aperture versus portability, contrast and almost crystalline view, then that one scope would be a decent aperture refractor. This 120 might just be the ticket.

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Product Review - Bresser Messier AR-127S/635

Jul 08 2014 10:15 AM | Van Webster in User Reviews

For the price, this telescope is a good value but don’t expect the performance of a top imported scope, at thousands of dollars more out of pocket.  Set reasonable expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

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Orion Starseek Wifi Module Serial/USB

Jun 14 2014 05:01 AM | Stargazer3236 in User Reviews

All in all, I was quite pleased with the Starseek WiFi module. I would recommend this item to anyone who wants complete wireless control of their telescope.

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A Watch for the Stars!

Jun 08 2014 06:14 AM | admin in User Reviews

Its uniquely intuitive and powerful interface, surrounded by a variety of models to suit your taste make the Yes Watch a beautiful and valuable full-time companion. There's nothing quite like it!

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First Impressions of the Lunt 152mm f/8 ED-APO

May 06 2014 10:55 AM | BillP in User Reviews

Excellent value with excellent performance, the Lunt-152 ED-APO with its APM designed lens makes the 6” APO experience both affordable and enjoyable.

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Review: 10Micron GM2000HPS

May 06 2014 09:36 AM | admin in User Reviews

This is a high end mount that delivers extraordinary performance and unguided imaging. It does not come cheap, but when comparing to other offerings it is important to note that this has absolute encoders – and they don’t come cheap.

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Rigel Systems nFocus Review

Mar 29 2014 02:46 AM | sullij1 in User Reviews

If you are looking for a step up from the 50-dollar focusers this is the smart choice.

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Reveiw of Two TAL Finderscopes

Mar 01 2014 02:30 AM | BillP in User Reviews

Overall, both TAL finders are solidly executed with robust build quality and very good performing optics, better than the competitors they were tested against.

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Review of Avalon T-Pod T-130 tripod

Feb 23 2014 09:51 AM | nicklane1 in User Reviews

If you love Italian beauty and style, appreciate great engineering and need rock solid stability, this is the mount for you.

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Orion SkyView Pro Update: GoTo Kit

Feb 16 2014 02:00 PM | macdonjh in User Reviews

I wrote my original review of the SkyView Pro in 2008 when it had manual slow motion controls and the IntelliScope DSC system. I now have the SVP upgrade kit on my SVP mount. I’ve learned a couple of things that some will find obvious and wonder why it wasn’t to me; but some might find helpful.

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