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Nov 26 2015 05:32 AM | alexvh in User Reviews

If you want a high quality scope that is also transportable then this is about as good as it gets. Honestly I have owned several high quality scopes and this is one of the most refined ones available. I am overall very happy with this scope, and it is now my most used instrument.

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Astrotrac TP3065 Pier Review

Nov 20 2015 07:45 AM | James Waters in User Reviews

I purchased the Astrotrac TP3065 pier because of its carrying capacity and design. The pier performs well, is stable, well made and has a padded shoulder carrying bag. It can also carry a heavy load.

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Apo-tmosphere: Gutekunst ADC Review

Sep 23 2015 11:11 AM | pbsastro in User Reviews

Having apo-optics is not enough if we have achro-atmosphere. That is why I called this review Apo-tmosphere, because that is what this ADC brings to us.

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Optolong LRGB Filter Testing and Comparison wit...

Sep 22 2015 01:16 PM | turbo399 in User Reviews

I was recently contacted by Optolong, a filter manufacture in China who asked me to test their filters. They sent me a set of 36mm un mounted LRGB and a set of 36mm Narrowband Filters, H-Alpha 7nm, OIII and SII 12nm. I was impressed when they arrived, nice packaging and presentation in a similar plastic case to the Baader.

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First Light Review: Teeter Custom TT Planet Kil...

Sep 04 2015 12:34 PM | Zellmer in User Reviews

About a year ago I decided to get back into astronomy after a 7 year hiatus. I live in the Portland OR metro area, where the weather can be astronomically gloomy for long stretches of time. Previously I had concentrated primarily on Astrophotography (published in Sky & Tel and Astronomy magazines), and have owned a wide variety of scopes and mounts

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The Baader Planetarium Morpheus

Aug 20 2015 10:27 AM | BillP in User Reviews

Morpheus, in Greek mythology known as the god of dreams, and now the new Baader Planetarium entry in the field of high-performance wide fields.  In field tests, Morpheus eyepieces proved themselves to be a very sizable step up in both performance and ergonomics compared to the older Hyperion line.

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Book Review: Astro-Imaging Projects for Amateur...

Aug 15 2015 12:50 PM | Kenny2004 in User Reviews

Anyone who reads Jim Chung’s book will want to have a look at their existing astronomy gear and wonder what they can do to make their hobby better. The book shows how any amateur astronomer can modify or make astronomy gear from readily available parts, or by recycling parts while being mindful of costs. The broad spectrum of subject matter is written well and detailed, and balances nicely with the right amount of material and illustrations.

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The Baader ASTF White Light Solar Filter

Aug 01 2015 07:45 PM | BillP in User Reviews

Overall I am extremely pleased with the performance of the ASTF.  It exceeded my expectations and provided a white light solar view that was brighter and more detailed than the standard full aperture glass filter I have could provide. 

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The Lederman Optical Array LOA-21 3D Eyepiece

Aug 01 2015 03:23 PM | BillP in User Reviews

The LOA-21s and the new technology they introduce to astronomical observing has provided that long awaited next leap I have been eagerly looking for in visual astronomy.

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Ghosts in the Machine: the Astro-Tech AT111EDT...

Jun 13 2015 11:20 AM | jrbarnett in User Reviews

The AT111EDT is a doubly haunted scope.  Haunted by the tragic, premature death of the illustrious designer of its optical group, and haunted also by the turbulent financial times into which it was born.  Will there be another run of this fabulous instrument?  I certainly hope so, but telescopes are a tough business, and the landscape of the refractor market in particular changes quickly.

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