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Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

6mm Lunar/Planetary Eyepiece Comparison

Feb 03 2009 12:36 AM | BillP in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

While any eyepiece can serve as a "planetary" eyepiece, an eyepiece which is most suitably able to perform the best on planets

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Eyepiece Resolution World Cup

Jan 30 2009 02:45 AM | jrbarnett in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

The Extremely Official, O.F.L.I.-Certified, Eyepiece resolution™ World Cup!

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Vixen 5mm NLV Eyepiece: Made in Japan

Apr 21 2008 07:30 AM | David E in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

The Vixen 5mm NLV has what I would have to describe as an excellent image rich in contrast and tack sharp right to the edge. Viewing from my light polluted suburban yard

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William Optics SPL Eyepieces - 3mm, 6mm, 12.5mm

Feb 19 2008 02:43 AM | timmbottoni in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

I really took my time analyzing these eyepieces over 6 months, because I wanted to observe all the planets and other object I could with these before writing this review

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William Optics SPL 3mm Eyepiece

Oct 17 2007 05:32 AM | Tom Faller in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

I bought the 3mm SPL eyepiece with no previous knowledge that William Optics had a "planetary" set available. I saw the 3mm and 6mm eyepieces in a local telescope store

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9mm Nagler vs 9mm BO/TMB Planetary

Sep 21 2007 02:27 AM | larryo in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

Physically the two eyepieces are very similar. Both have the look and feel of quality craftsmanship. They weigh about the same, while the Nagler 9mm is slightly longer.

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5mm Planetary Eyepiece Shootout

Jul 31 2007 01:56 AM | admin in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

5mm Planetary Eyepiece Shootout

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Siebert 9.9mm Star Splitter Ortho

Feb 07 2007 11:01 AM | Chris Lord in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

The 9.9mm Star Splitter is a more comfortable eyepiece to use compared to the UO HD 9mm, but ironically not the traditional volcano top 9mm standard Ortho

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Antares Elite 10mm vs Meade 9.7mm

Dec 22 2006 02:50 AM | Magellanico in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

Antares Elite 10mm Vs. Meade Super Plossl 9.7mm

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Meade 14mm Series 4000 UWA

Aug 03 2006 04:05 AM | darkskyfarm in Eyepieces (3mm - 13mm)

Being a hopeless romantic is both good and bad. Being a hopeless romantic and an amateur astronomer is a disaster.

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