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First Light with the Prototype 8x42 Space WalkerTM 3D Binoculars

Mar 06 2016 07:16 PM | BillP in User Reviews

The Space Walker 3D Binoculars were a complete joy to use and as effortless as any binocular. There was no adjusting needed for the 3D effects as it is built into the product with no adjustment capability for the user. As a result, these 3D binoculars were intuitive and effortless, providing bright, sharp, and nicely contrasted astronomical views with very pronounced levels of depth.

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Binocular Universe: North for the Spring

Feb 27 2016 09:03 AM | PhilH in Binocular Universe

There's light at the end of the tunnel. The moment we've all been waiting for is almost here. Spring. SPRING! As we begin to say farewell to Orion, Taurus, Canis Major, and the rest of the winter enclave for another year, we welcome the stars of Leo, Ursa Major, and the rest of the spring collection. While not as bright as the winter stars, the spring sky carries with it many exciting targets to which we can raise our binoculars.

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A Visit to the Museum of Astronomical Telescopes In Tawa, Japan

Feb 16 2016 10:10 AM | davidmcgo in Articles

Overall, my experience at the Museum was incredible and it was nearly sensory overload to see so many vintage telescopes that I have only read about and all in one place. The zeal, skill, and dedication of these fellow amateur astronomers is creating something unique in the entire world, a hands on experience dedicated to preserving the entire legacy and heritage of telescopes and astronomy in Japan, without which many of us would never have received that first telescope under the Christmas tree in our youth.

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Feb 16 2016 08:57 AM | KidOrion in User Reviews

Stoyan and Schurig have produced an atlas that, while not perfect, may be the most user-friendly field atlas available to amateur astronomers with moderate-sized telescopes—an atlas that might stand as the apotheosis of the printed atlas in a day and age dominated by astronomy apps and planetarium programs.

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Feb 15 2016 04:14 PM | BillP in User Reviews

The Baader BBHS dielectric protected silver diagonal distinguished itself by pulling in fainter stars, showing minimal scatter, and presenting colorful stars and planetary features more richly colored, with its silver technology besting the defacto standard for high performance dielectric diagonals. Its Clicklock mechanism provided a level of ergonomic ease far surpassing other locking technologies I have used. It clearly demonstrated low levels of perceived scatter, the ability to bring into view the dimmer of stars in clusters than the other diagonals, the ability to make more authoritative double star splits, and the ability to show the faintest extents of nebula. All these attributes were highly welcomed and they clearly enhanced my observations. Most surprising however, was how brightly and vividly the BBHS technology portrayed the colors of stars and of planetary features, showing colors more richly saturated and more beautifully bright than even the best dielectric technology diagonal could muster. The views through the BBHS of brightly colored stars accentuated in familiar clusters, and of a richly colored GRS coursing its way across Jupiter were nothing less than truly memorable.

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Explore Scientific AR 102

Feb 09 2016 10:02 AM | phxbird in User Reviews

My overall impression is outstanding! It is a great deal for the money, even at the non-sale price of $399. At the current sale price of $299 it is almost a steal! The optics are very good, the fit and finish are outstanding and it is light and portable. Overall, it is a real bargain.

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A Novel Alt-Az Mount for a Rich Field Telescope

Feb 08 2016 03:49 PM | mrtoad in Articles

Most of us have had the desire to take a break from using the average telescope with its relatively high power and concomitant narrow field of view and difficulty in finding targets. The so- called rich field telescope or large binoculars seem to fill the bill with their low power and wide fields. The question then becomes how to mount the thing for comfortable, extended viewing.

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Review: davejlec's Paralellogram Mount

Feb 08 2016 11:13 AM | H-D Moose in User Reviews

CN member davejlec designed and built an excellent product. His price was extremely reasonable (especially compared to the commercially available options for 10lb. capacity parallelograms), and he went above and beyond to support me – the buyer.

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Annals of the Deep Sky, Volumes One and Two

Feb 08 2016 09:59 AM | desertstars in User Reviews

This past summer (2015) saw the release of the first two volumes of an ambitious new astronomy series written by Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb, the authors of the well-received book, The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies: A Chronicle and Observer's Guide. The series carries the lofty title of Annals of the Deep Sky, and has already been compared favorably to the much-loved Burnham’s Celestial Handbook.

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Toasty Dew Heaters

Feb 07 2016 12:48 PM | bmwscopeguy in Articles

Wait – don’t throw out that old toaster! Lurking within every toaster is about 20 feet of potential dew strip in the form of the elements it uses for burning your bagels.

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