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Posted 28 April 2007 - 11:00 AM

Here you will find a wealth of information. There are links to valuable sites and threads that will assist everyone, beginners and seasoned vets, alike. Read and enjoy!

A very interesting thread concerning CN; by a member, Please Read!


Image Posting Guidelines & Shortening Links!


Planet Size Comparisons:

The Size of Our World

Saturn seeing Tutorial

Light Block Panels


link (A very nice detailed project!)

Home-made observing screens

Light Block Panels Completed

foam light block panels:

Equipment and Gadgets

LED Red Light Headlamp conversion
(balloons used in this project: Link

Battery boxes

Clear Sky Chart Putting the CSC in your signature:

Differences Between Crayford and Rack and Pinion Focusers


Telrad Description

I Cut my Telrad in Half!

Looking for Foam

The Essential Barlow

Reflex Finder Shootout


Beginners' Guide to Filters

David Knisely's Filter Comparisons

Useful Filters for Viewing Deep Sky Objects

Astronomical Filter Curves

Testing Deepsky/OIII Filters with a Simple Spectroscope

Filter Performance Comparisons

MV Filter Shootout

Filter Applications

Color Charts for Filters

H Beta Filter

Colored filter use

Observing Techniques

Seeing Conditions and Transparency

Seeing and Transparency

Telrad Charts:







Telescope Basics

Descriptions of Different Telescope Styles

Star Test Images

Discussion of the Definition of Diffraction Limited Optics

Collimation Tips

http://www.fpi-proto...reer/collim.htm (Adventures in Collimation)

Collimating Newtonian Optics

A Treatise on Newtonian Collimation

Special Situations and DIY

Newtonian Collimation

Collimation of Laser Collimaters

Collimation with a Holographic Laser

Collimating a Laser Collimater

New Information about Barlowed Laser Collimation

Rear View Barlowed Laser Method

Techniques for Cleaning Mirrors, Eyepieces, and Filters

Televue's Cleaning Eyepiece and Telescope Optics

ASO Fine Optics Cleaning System

Cleaning Your Lumicon Filters


Cutting perfect holes in eyepiece case foam

Contractions and Acronyms

Making A GSO Focuser as Smooth As It Can Get

Tom's Links of Value

Degree Circles for Dobs

PDF Files for Degree Circles

Astronomy Trailer


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