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Venus sketch 14/02/09

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#1 Kris.


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 06:28 AM

seeing was quite good for this Venus observation sketched around 5:00 pm local time. i used my 8" dob @ 200x & 250x with 5mm & 4mm UO Ortho ep's. at first i could see nothing irregular on the disk, but with some patience and using a red filter some darker markings began to stood out. they didn't seem fixed but shift position, probably my mind playing tricks on me ;) but then i popped in a variable polarizing filter to cut down on the glare more, and that made quite a difference. after staring at venus for about 30 minutes this is the best i could get. i hope it's a bit realistic.
i also tried a light blue filter + variable polarizing filter, but i felt the red filter was better for bringing out more contrast.

(while i was looking at a bright yellow venus against an orange background, i prefer using more of a skyblue background for the sketch even though i could see nothing without the filters!)

Posted Image

#2 frank5817



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Posted 15 February 2009 - 11:09 AM

Hi Kris,

This is an excellent sketch of the albedo features on Venus. :bow: Thanks for posting it.

Frank :)

#3 CarlosEH


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 11:24 AM


An excellent observation of Venus showing the faint Venusian albedo features. The use of filters (Wratten 23A or 25 (light red to red) or W38A (blue)) can help bring out these elusive albedo features. Sol also showed that the new Burgess Optical Contrast Enhancing Diagonal (CED) can also bring out features over Venus. Thank you for sharing them with us all.


#4 Tommy5



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Posted 15 February 2009 - 01:11 PM

great sketch of Venus,very nice depiction of those elusive albedo features.

#5 JayinUT


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 03:14 PM

Wonderful sketch of Venus and I like how you brought out those albedo features. Thanks for sharing.

#6 Sol Robbins

Sol Robbins


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 03:20 PM

Great sketch of Venus' features. As you say, Venus can take a big cut in light and show off what can be seen.

#7 rodelaet



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Posted 15 February 2009 - 04:18 PM


Wonderful work from Belgian soil! :bow:

I also enjoyed the clear sky of last night. :cool:

#8 cildarith



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Posted 15 February 2009 - 09:28 PM

Excellent observation Kris! Good to see you around.

#9 markseibold


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Posted 16 February 2009 - 12:01 AM


Wonderful sketch.:bow: :bow: :bow: I have never observed Venus with the use of filters. Perhaps I am missing this in my 10.1" f/4.5 Dobsonian. You along with others here have inspired me to take a look now.

Thank you for sharing this,


#10 Kris.


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Posted 17 February 2009 - 01:35 PM

thanks everyone, next time the skies permit a view i'll try again!

Rony: your sketches become frightening more realistic every time & the accompagnying reports are always fun to read! :)

Eric: i'm a little less around now, but i'm sure i'll begin posting a lot of mars sketches by the end of 2009 ;) i hope to start by september...

Mark: i definitely think not using filters is the cause of you not seeing details on venus. i use 8" and the unfiltered view is waaaay to bright, so i can only assume your 10.1" will only be brighter. as Sol says: Venus can take a big cut in light. my variable filter was on the darkest setting for the sketch!

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