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RCAIDcams & Mods......DSLR users,BEWARE...LOL!!!

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 09:57 PM

Hi,my name is Brent Oliver.
I have been an avid ametuer astronomer and astro-imager for ~10 years...nearly half of my life(26yrs old)..
I have learned a LOT through this site that we all love and use to our broaden our concepts of what works and what doesnt..
SO,being that I have been an Electrician for 9years,am ~1/3 way to an EE Degree..Having LOTS of knowledge modding Canon and Nikon DSLR's for AstroImaging use..My first Mod was my ol' Nikon D50..buy,that was the best cam(for me,at the time)I had a blast using it and it served me well.But,after time and experience,both in the field and on here,I decided that the best astro DSLR would be a Modified Canon with some form of regulated cooling..
Hence the name,RCAIDcams & Mods
Regulated Cooling AstroImaging Digital cams & Mods.

I am currently working with my good friend here on CN(Josh,you know who you are :lol: )to develop working prototypes of the Canon XS,Canon Rebel XT,and possibly the FULL FORMAT Canon 5D(or 5DmII)..also in the plans is the 20D(since it has proven itself in the field with numerous users of many different skill sets).
The Regulated Cooling MOD is STILL in development.We plan on having Prototypes built and ready for BETA testing(by NOT ONLY us,I have lined up several others here on CN to BETA test our cams and give HONEST/NON-biased opinions).With the hope of having production models by the Fall/Winter of this year!!!!
Prices are not yet known,details can not yet be given(due to Patent privacy..).BUT,this will be updated with concepts,detailed testing results,and images of the cams in action!!!
So,for NOW,hold on and wait!! :lol:
But,I promise we are working our hardest to give the Ametuer AstroImager a GREAT new APS-C(depending on cam,also possible FULL FORMAT) DSLR's,with regulated cooling,modifications for best light transmission(depending on users needs,i.e. LPS filter,Clear filter,NB filters..etc)at an EXTREMELY attractive price point!!!

Please stay tuned as I think this will be a GREAT product to fill a hole in the market and at VERY reasonable prices that almost everyone can afford.And you will NOT have to get a second mortgage to own a Cam that will perform like no other DSLR currently made!!! There will be several options to do these MODS:
1)you already own the cam and send it to us for modification.
2)we buy and modify the cam and sell you the entire package.
3)"I am sure there will be more to add to this later" :D
Thanks for taking the time to read this!!
If you would like,I could start a wiating list..that will be upto you..

Now,for what IS currently available!! :lol:

Here at RCAIDcams & MODS we offer a HUGE variety of Cam mods on a huge variety of Canon and Nikon models!!!

For "newer" Canon models(XS,XSi,40D,50D,400D)

"Clean Mod"(stock filter replaced with nothing,NOT recommended as the environment is NOT good for the silicon sensors..HOWEVER,if it is a model with the "LowPass filter/self cleaning unit" the sensor WILL be kept safe from the environment but at a loss of AF and ViewFinder focus calibration)..total=$75 $7 for shipping to CONUS.Paypal add 3%.

"Baader Canon Replacement Filter Mod"
This filter is HIGHLY recommended by many Canon users as the best option for Modding a Canon..Same thickness as Stock filter which leaves AF capabitlities IN TACT and works PERFECTLY!!! Total=$210 7 for shipping to Conus.Paypal 3%

"Clear Filter Mod"
OPTION 1)This is a Front mounted filter by Hutech Astronomical.This is basically a "dust stop" that can be removed/installe at any time..It is best for imagers who already own IR/Block filter and do not require AF function to work perfectly.This mod would consist of me removing Stock filter,and sending the "snap in" Clear filter along with it.Or I can install it for you,your choice..no charge for that....
Total for Mod and frant clear filter=$260 7 shipping.Payal 3%

"Clear Filter Mod"
OPTION 2)This is a direct replacement of the stock filter with a Clear glass filter from LifPixel($180!!!!!).
This retains AF and Viewfinder Calibration.
Total=$255 + $7 shipping. Paypal +3%

For other Canon Models(300D,350D,10D,20D,30D)
Same price as above for "Clean Mod"
$75 $7 shipping.Paypal 3%

"Baader Canon Replacement Filter Mod"
Total=$230 $7shipping.Paypal 3%
For 300D=$220 $7shipping.Paypal 3%
For 5D=$265 $7shipping.Paypal 3%

"Clear filter Mods"(BOTH options) are the same prices as above.

For Nikon Cams,the same prices apply for "clean mods" on ALL models below D200 "size".Currently there are NO replacement filter made for Nikon DSLR's EXCEPT Clear Glass filters by LifePixel($180!!!).There are also front clip filters by Hutech for D40,D40x and D80 models.Prices range from $169(Clear"dust"filter),to $259(LPS Filter!!).These prices are OUR/and YOUR costs and do not reflect shipping($7) OR removal of stock filter($75).

THIS was taken with MY last DSLR,a No filter modded Nikon D40x.A couple hours of Ha with 13nm Ha filter,and a couple hours of "RGB" with DeepSky Filter.Mode 3.ISO800.darks and Bias,no flats...also reflects my currents level of processing knowledge :D
Posted Image

I believe that is all for NOW.
Thanks for sticking with me and reading this EXTREMELY long post!!!!

Thanks so much!!!
Brent Oliver
RCAIDcams & Mods

#2 Doug6952



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Posted 20 April 2009 - 10:50 PM


Good luck with your new venture! If I used a DSLR I would send it to you to get modified.

#3 nofxrx


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Posted 21 April 2009 - 04:05 PM

Thanks Doug!!
I appreciate the kind words!

Hey,yea never know...we might have something up our sleeves to make you want to switch to an RCAIDcam...but,more on that...later :lol:

#4 fetoma



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Posted 21 April 2009 - 06:00 PM

Good Luck Brent!!!

#5 SGT500


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Posted 21 April 2009 - 06:24 PM

Good luck to you and Josh!
If you ever need another tester i would be more than willing to test. Let me know if you need someone

#6 antilles72


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Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:18 PM

Good luck on your venture Brent. It is great that you can take your passion to the next level and make that your career. Wish we could all do that.

#7 nofxrx


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Posted 21 April 2009 - 10:09 PM

Thanks guys,it does mean a LOT to me!!!And Josh!! LOL
Frank,Thanks man..
BTW,yea never know..if you cant sell your modded XT,maybe I could build you a prototype and we can work something out..just a thought...Cant talk too much about that here.. :rules: :lol:

Sal,buddy you are definately on my RCAID-XS list for a BETA tester.

AP has ALWAYS been my passion...I have looked through an eyepiece hundreds of times..but 99.9999999% of those times it was to:
Find an object
I have been strictly imaging for ~10 years but only truly been serious about it for the last 3 or so.
I have read SO much wonderful info on this site(and others of course,but the majority of it on CN!) and have been dreaming of doing this since day one..I have ALWAYS been the person to think: "how can XXXXX be made better,more eficient,implemented into specific needs for individuals..etc"
So again,thanks!!! this is THE BEST website out there...hands down..
I am getting nothing but motivation to pursue this..unfortunately,I still have to work...which does NOT motivate me :rofl5:

A little teaser is in order...
I am currently designing the cooling system for the Rebel XT. I chose this cam because of its ease to be modified..
We have some specific goals in line..that I CAN mention because the only thing we CANT,is HOW they are achieved(not yet anyways..)...
Plans are:
1)To be able to reach a temp of around -20to-40degF in SECONDS to a minute or so...NOT 30-45minutes or longer..
2)To be able to CONTROL/regulate the temp!!!this will help with frosting problems and possibly dewing problems on the sensor window..which we have a fix for that too.. :evillaugh:
3)To be able to keep the Body intact/still workable..yes we could just rip everything out and say here is a cooled DSLR..but,its no longer a DSLR IMHO..it is a Cookbook OSC imager or something similar.
4)to keep the entire package at a reasonable weight so you dont have to buy a $400 focuser to hold it..
5)to make it FUN!!!
Ha,that last one was a bit cheesy..but,I am a cheesy guy.. :lol:

Ok,that is enoung spoilers for now.
More updates to come,along with test results!!

Clear skies!

#8 Strgazr27


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Posted 22 April 2009 - 10:13 AM


Best of luck buddy! You need any help just let me know.


#9 nofxrx


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Posted 22 April 2009 - 12:31 PM

Thanks for the encouragement Bobby!!!

#10 DaemonGPF



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Posted 24 April 2009 - 06:10 PM

Man... looks like I got called out anyway LOL. Better stick my neck out and say hi. :wavey:

#11 nofxrx


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Posted 20 May 2009 - 11:38 PM

Well,A bit more info is in order..

We have acquired nearly ALL the(feels like HUNDREDS)components to start creating the RCAIDcam Model 10-12(built from the Canon XS,model name is 10,for MP,and 12 for ADconversion)

I see having a prototype of this model ready for testing.....by,maybe the end of august.
Then we will start taking orders for that model while we develop the other models we are looking at..
Model 12-14(XSi)
Model 8-12(XT)
Model 12-14FF(5D)
Model 21-14FF(5DmII)

These are the main ones WE think would be most wanted in the AP community....We ae VERY interested to know what the community would like to see! we are working on assumptions and what we see people using in the forums.but if you have any advice/other models you would like to see,drop me a PM and we WILL look into it!!!

I personally cant wait to develop a FF 12 or 21 MP TEC regulated imaging cam... :jump:

All in due time.I have been a HUGE fan of the XS since its release(have owned and sold modded versions twice before I finally got one for myself...it is a pretty popular cam right now,along with the XSi,which is why we want to start with them and then the BIG guys(FULL FORMAT TEC OSC imagers :jawdrop:) will come soon after.I hope. :praying:

On a side not.
I would like to remind people that we ARE doing filter modifications.I have recieved a LOT of emails with people saying "when will you be starting the filter mods?"...I have been doing mods for years...I am fully able/equipped to handle filter mods.The RCAID venture is a slow process(to get it right...!!!)...and will come in due time..but filter mods,BRING IT ON!! :lol:

Clear skies!!!!!!

#12 Starsareus


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Posted 25 August 2009 - 08:18 PM

Brent-Don't know if you can help here? i have an 8" Celestron Schmidt Camera that I'd like to convert to a Digital Camera (not film). I would like a 6-8 MP sensor, but commercial CCD Cameras are big bucks. Overal size is important too. Can any Digital Cameras be adapted (case removed?) for this? Thanks, Nick Oshana

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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