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iOptron CubePro questions

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Posted 11 May 2009 - 07:50 AM

I used iOptron CubePro last night for the first time. Saturn look great at 120 power but problem is that I want it to be in center of the view. I used Sync. to target and use arrow for up, down, right and left. It move but little too much! Can't make Saturn move to the center of the view. Need little move at high power.... ?

Other question is double stars! I click stars then double stars. Its all numbers! How can I want to see Castor in Gemini or famous double double stars in Lyra?
I email to Support in iOptron about double stars and so far none hear from them almost a week!

Last question is if object like Saturn or M42 move little faster than my view then how I make speed to stay with the object? Use lunar tracking?

Thank you for help!

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 03:20 PM


You might want to try the Ioptron Yahoo group for some additional information. The files section has several list of the objects used by the controller. They have some listed for several of the categories (Named objects, comets, asteroids, double stars, etc) Unfortunately, most of the stars are listed by a rather cryptic number. The yahoo group is here:

I have made a couple of very basic spreadsheets with some of the information I found that I would be happy to share, just let me know if you are intereted.

As far as centering the object in your scope, I assume you've changed the speed on the slew to something very slow, to make it easier to center the object. I haven't noticed a problem on my CubePro, so I guess I'm not much help on that one. I usually use the sidereal tracking rate, so I haven't tried the "User Defined" tracking rate. I'm not even sure it's enable on the CubePro. I would encourage you to check out the Ioptron group. Good luck.


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Posted 13 May 2009 - 03:49 PM

It sounds as if you have the correction speed set to high. Use the number keys to change the speed. #9 is the fastest while #1 is dead slow. Usually, for centering I use #3. When using the SYNC command just press the #3 and that should reduce the speed to a useful level.

The Double Star and Variable Star catalog is listed by SAO numbers, not by common name. You need to find the SAO number for the star you wish to observe and then enter that number in the correct menu window.

Hope that helps.



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Posted 18 May 2009 - 08:03 AM

Thanks so much! I got a list of 40 double stars from support iOptron from email! No. 10 is Castor and No. 40 is Double-Double. I changed speed little bit and now its perfect! Last Saturday, I set up and test on Saturn. It pointed to Saturn very little off and I set up to point to Saturn then enter! I left for 20 minutes. My wife saw Saturn at 120 X and its right there after 20 minutes! Cool! All do very well! I saw M44, M65, M66, M67, M84, M86, M3 and Castor! All in perfect center of the view! Wow! I tried photograph but its heavy that my mount can't handle it. Because of my 40 mm eyepiece and 5 mm planetary eyepiece is big and heavy! Will try regular eyepiece like 26 or 17 mm. I will work on it! I have canon point and shoot that can do up to 15 seconds, ISO from 60 to 800 and F. 2 up to 8. Will work on it to make perfect balancing. I am sure that I able to take some pcture of planets, Moon and bright deep sky objects!

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