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vixen vs losmandy dovetail

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#1 jcely7


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:14 PM

Is the losmandy dovetail and saddle actually much better than the vixen style? I have an 8" sct on a eq-6. I'm soon to be mounting a 4" mak on it as well using a side-by-side mounting bar from ADM. I really don't want to replace the stock vixen saddle with the losmandy one, because that, with the losmandy style side by-side bar, would cost me an extra $200 and i'm not conviced yet that it would perform much better. BUT, i also don't want to waste cash on the vixen if i will need to replace it later. sooooo, thoughts?


#2 GShaffer


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:24 PM

Flex is your enemy if you are going to be imaging.....sounds to me like you are moving into the realm of needing the extra stability of the sturdier design.

#3 jcely7


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 08:52 PM

hmm bummer, however i was just informed that orion makes a replacement saddle that accepts losmandy rails for 1/4 the price of the ADM version.
This brings forth a new question- has anyone used the orion version?

#4 Nebhunter


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Posted 06 August 2009 - 10:30 PM

Better quality costs money - no getting around that. I tried my 150 F8 achro with the stock saddle on my EQ6, and focusing was a matter of adjust - wait about 3 plus seconds for wiggles to stop, adjust - repeat. I had a Vixen bar across the top of the scope as well to stiffen the set up.

Once I got the Tec 140, I knew that the stock saddle would not do the job. I put on the ADM - Losmandy conversion, and what a difference. Flexure was greatly reduced. I could adjust focus with fine adjust with less than a second to stop the wiggle. When I put a guide scope piggy back on the Tec - it still held up reasonable well, but realized I was over the edge with the EQ6 for astro work. Enter the G11.

The ADM saddle is well made - 7" long, and clamps the dovetail along the full length of the 7". I've seen pictures of the "new" Losmandy compatible saddle on the EQ6. It's the same as the stock Vixen style - only wider. Two lock nuts to hold everything in place on a small round saddle?

When I removed the stock saddle - I could not believe how light it was. Cast aluminium - no real mass, and not what I would call solid. The ADM by comparison was well made, solid, and much heavier. Exactly what you need for a saddle plate. I can't see the newer plate on the EQ6 being much better than the old Vixen.

Now, if you have a lighter scope - not that long - and ONLY visual - go for the EQ6 upgrade. I you have a heavier scope, want a good solid flexure reducing saddle - don't buy twice. Get the ADM now. JMHO

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