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Something to move mount and scope around easily

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#1 mischief


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Posted 11 August 2009 - 08:00 PM

I have an AT Voyager alt/az mount and an Astro-Tech AT80LE. Neither are really heavy, but I am a little old granny with no muscles so really cannot pick the combination up and move it somewhere else. I tried a Scope Buggy but that really didn't work very well. It is awkward and inconvenient. So I looked more on the web and found the site for ScopeRollers. I think these are castor wheels that go on the bottom of the tripod legs so the whole setup can be moved around, hopefully fairly easily. Before I decide to try these, I thought I would ask if anyone has any experience with them; are they any good; do they work; in other words a review. Any information as to opinions on this forum (I hope this is the right forum to post this) or references to reviews gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance. I mostly want to move the mount and OTA around my backyard, but I might also want to "roll" it out into the street so as to have a better field of view.
Dorothy :confused:
PS I looked at the JMI site but didn't see anything there that seemed to fit my needs. If there is something, then please tell me. Thanks again.

#2 mclewis1


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Posted 12 August 2009 - 08:09 AM

Hi Dorothy, Interesting question and I can certainly sympathize with you.

Given your need for lightweight and easy movement and movement over grass you're going to have a problem unless your grass is very short and the ground quite firm. All the tripod rollers I've seen with 3-5" hard wheels are designed for hard surfaces. Anything will larger wheels that work well on grass tend to be much heavier (like the Scopebuggy you looked at).

JMI does have nice stuff but their focus is on heavier setups but for around $200 their basic "medium" model might work out if you can get over the rolling over the lawn issue. You might also try a good camera supply place ... one that caters to professional shooters such as B&H PhotoVideo who have one of the least expensive setups I've seen link. It has small (3") wheels which would normally be even worse on a lawn but since it's so lightweight as well it might ride over the uneven surface a bit better.

A couple of ideas ...

If you have a consistent path to one favourite spot in you yard you might be able to make the surface of the lawn a bit more wheels friendly. Certainly walking back and forth after soaking the lawn will help but if you have some help from someone handy you might consider putting down a heavy screen (1/4" or larger openings ... the kind of stuff used to build solid cages or what folks used to screen dirt from rocks and such. This type of material could be walked into the ground a bit and would allow the grass to grow while providing a bit better surface.

No matter what type of wheels you end up with you'll have to deal with the "tipiness" of the whole setup. So good solid bungee or heavy elastic type cords from the spreader bar down to the wheels will be necessary to securely hold the whole thing together.

#3 mischief


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Posted 13 August 2009 - 07:43 PM

Thanks, Mark,

Thanks very much for your suggestions and input. The photography shop is a good idea. I guess I didn't make myself clear. I wouldn't have to move the set-up over grass. My backyard is weird and the places where I would put the scope are sort of paved altho uneven. I would also want to be able to move everything out of my gate and into the area outside my fence which is grass and also perhaps into the street which is paved. In addition to the AT80LE, I would like to put my Lunt on the Voyager mount and be able to move it easily. If the mount and tripod can be rolled somewhere, then that should work with both OTA's.

I wondered about the quality of the ScopeRoller wheels. They fit on the bottom of the tripod legs similar to castors on chair legs. I do have some bungee cords but there is no spreader bar, just wheels on the bottom of the tripod legs.

Thanks again, maybe someone has had experience with the ScopeRoller castors.
PS Do you like your AT80ED? Do you use it with the Voyager Mount and would you say the AT Voyager is better, worse, just the same, or comparison doesn't apply than the WO EZ-Touch?

#4 Billydee



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Posted 13 August 2009 - 08:49 PM

Which wheels did the Scope Buggy have on it? The hard ones or the large ones filled with air. If you found the scope buggy awkward you will find the ScopeRoller very awkward.

#5 mischief


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Posted 14 August 2009 - 04:48 PM

Thanks for your input. I think the Scope Buggy had the large wheels. Maybe I'll just have to give up and lift weights or something. Trouble is: my neck is trashed, cervical vertebrae are all fused together from C3 to C7.

I am saving some money, then if I don't get the ScopeRoller. Maybe someone has a solution, or maybe I could meet a buff guy to move my equipment, Nah, been there, done that. Guy wasn't buff, tho.

Thanks for all the help.
Dorothy :rolling: :refractor:

#6 Chris Rowland

Chris Rowland

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Posted 14 August 2009 - 05:00 PM

A lady at my Astro society has this http://wycombeastro...._CPC_2006_03_24 to move her CPC8 around. Basically a plywood triangle with reinforcing wood round the edges and casters underneath. Plenty of room for astro stuff under the scope.


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