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polar allignment with hand controller

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#1 roycestar


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Posted 15 August 2009 - 10:29 AM

i've had this mount for 9 mos. AND still haven't a clue what goes on with polar allignment????!! i start off with polar alligning scope with both axis in "proper position" and do a two star with a callibration star......and when i go to polar alligntment proceedure it never points back the way i set it up ???!!! it is alwyays east of being perendicular of that original set up and seems to point about the proper lattitude.....??..oh woe if only i could spend an hour with anyone who has this mount!~ oh it's a ascg-5gt anyhow if anyone has the patience to try and explain this to me I WILL BE ETERNALLLYY GRATEFUL. thanks jim :jump:

#2 Gregk



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Posted 15 August 2009 - 10:50 AM

I'm wondering if someone tweaked the worm gears if so I would do a factory reset and start over..Why I recently did a tweak to my mount and after I was done it had pointing issues..and there is calibrate mount

Else you have to move Polaris to the center of the FOV with

the mechanical lat bolts and other LR adjustments to set the polar then another 2 star...How much east is it
It useually will not be in the center of the FOV you have to move it there

I assume you don't have a polar scope In my opinion that allot easier Find Kochab Rotate the circlet to align it to Kochab then ajdust the mount to move Polaris to the center of the Circlet Kohabis at 10:00 Approx..As long as it properly collimated..


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Posted 15 August 2009 - 11:14 AM

Are you using all-star polar align? or the pre all-star. What is the HC version? [I thought the ASGT already had the all star polar align but might be wrong about this] Am a bit confused by your post as you don't start off with polar align.

Start off just doing a regular or 'non-polar' alignment, [with mount/scope pointed north and as level as you can get it] 2 align stars and I'd definately go for more than 1 cal star - I habitually always do 4 of them. Doesn't hurt to keep a small logbook nearby and write down align and cal star names.

After you do this initial alignment, then try the polar alignment. If using all-star remember to 'un-sync' when done with Polar alignment.

Then do the final alignmnet by going back to the align and cal stars you chose.. list / named stars... center in ep, then 'align' replace...

does this help?

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