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Posted 20 August 2009 - 09:33 PM

So, I have had my DM-6 for quite a while now. It is a beautiful mount and one of the most rigid alt az i have ever used (which is great). It can also handle my 140mm refractor easily.

But i have decided to sell it. I know it sounds crazy, but i thought some in the mount market might want to know the reasons behind such a crazy decision.

Well, i now have a mach1gto and it has almost completely taken the place of my DM-6. Given the weight of the mount (around 32#), its portability, its amazing tracking ability, and the ease with which I can set it up, I cant justify using my DM-6.

I live under heavily light polluted skies so that means planets and the moon, at the highest power possible, are my most frequent targets. Having a mount that tracks well (and quietly which the mach 1 does) is truly heaven sent (buyer beware, there are a lot of GE mounts out there which make a lot of noise when tracking an object - something which really bothers me during observation sessions). I suppose the ethos eyepieces will alleviate some of the manual tracking nuisance associated with all alt az mounts, but I still dont like have to constantly track an object, especially when viewing thru a diagonal.

Also, given the polar scopes now avaible for many GE mounts, set up is a snap!! I can set up my scope on my mach1 in about 5 minutes time and the goto accuracy, even for very hasty polar alignment through the polar scope is fantastic.

Yes, the total package is heavier, but not by as much as one would think. with my DM-6 I still need a fairly robust tripod/portable pier and the head weights around 18#.

If you love alt az mounts, i cant say enough good things about the DM-6 and about the customer service that Tom gives his clients: its truly top notch.

The only reason why I raise this subject matter is it seems to me that a good GE mount on a light portable pier or robust tripod CAN BE JUST AS CONVENIENT as a set up on an alt az. I am sure there will be those out there that disagree, but for those shopping around, I thought it would be nice to provide a comparison.

Cheers and clear skies!

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