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Links- Double Star Lists & Sketches in this Forum

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Posted 01 October 2009 - 05:50 AM

This post captures LINKS to many of the personal lists various members have posted here. Some lists have coordinates and with some lists you will need to look up locations and separations in a catalogue. But at least you should find a link here to all the old posts, regardless of what old thread they are buried in. A few posts give long lists with coordinates and separations. Some have just two or three doubles, but might list the colors or describe where to find them. have fun.


Richard M. Jepeal of New Britain, CT (asteriod7 the author of these sketches) passed away August 22, 2010. Thank you Richard for all you've done to enrich these forums. Rest in peace.

in the current forums
INDEX to Rich's Double Star Sketches START HERE

Rich's Double Star Sketches PICS
the thread containing all the pic sketches, one to each post

in the arcchives
INDEX to Rich's Double Star Sketches START HERE

Rich's Double Star Sketches PICS
the thread containing all the pic sketches, one to each post


Doubles to Test your Scopes Rayleigh and Dawes Limits about 50 doubles with all info

5 Summer doubles to test your scope skills 5 very close doubles between 1" and 2" to test your small scope skills

A Few Dawes Doubles 8 more even doubles between mag 5.2 and 6.5 with all info

Doubles of Equal Brightness

Epsilon Lyra - the Double Double
check here for forum observer's best attempts at minimum apertures and minimum magnifications used to see this famous double

More Lowest Power Observations of the Double Double

What mag for splitting the double double?

Izar 60 mm Can you split Izar, Epsilon Bootes, with a 60mm or smaller scope? yes


Dave Mitsky's Monthly Binary Lists

January Binary Star List about 30 doubles for you to do your homework on

Another January List this one has 105 doubles to search out

February Binary Star List 40 doubles for you to search out

March Binary Star List

April List of Binary and Multiple Stars 75 Targets

May Binary List of 80 Doubles and Multiple

June Binary and Multiple Star List about 50 doubles for you to do your homework on

Another June List of 40 more

July Binary and Multiple Star List about 50 doubles for you to do your homework on

Another July List of 40 Multiples

August Binary and Multiple Star List about 50 doubles needing homework

September Binary and Multiple Star List

October Binary and Multiple Star List

November Binary Star List

December Binary and Multiple Star List


Lyra - The Double Double's double

The third "double double" in Lyra

Seeing double(s) in Bootes

A triple of doubles in Boo and CrB

More observations of AL double stars 5 wide doubles in Bootes and Lyra

83 & 84 Leo

STF 1830-31, a Double-single-Double!

Gemini - Castor, d Gem and Struve 1083

Cassiopeia - Struve 3057, 3062 and Sigma Cas

Doubles on the Cas-Cam-Per border with link to chart

Dbls in Oph, Ser, Scu and two close challeng dbls with link to chart

A good doubles night 20 doubles from charts 4 & 5 in Cambridge star Atlas


List of 60 Binocular doubles for binocs from 10x50 to 25x100 updated added anonther 15 doubles

Challenging Doubles for High Power Binoculars doubles mostly from 10" to 7"

Faint Binocular Doubles mostly even, but most need 20x - 30x

Four excellent binocular doubles

Seven More excellent binocular doubles

Ten Binocular Doubles seen with 15x70s

Binocular Viewing - Doubles in Pairs and Doubles in Clusters

How many stars should I be able to make out in the Trapezium through 11x56 obies?
For the answer to this question see the discussion at this link to the Binocular Forum
The Trapezium in Binoculars

Stephen Saber's 150 Doublestars For Binoculars


Colorful Double Star Table (see spreadsheet attachment to post for 50 doubles with all info)

Ten Easy Colorful Double Stars see spreadsheet attachment

Common Doubles with Significant Color Contrast

Colorful Double Stars for November Evenings

THE SEARCH (for colorful doubles) GOES ON a list of 20 Doubles


Doubles in Open Clusters and Nebula about 20 doubles

Doubles in and near CR399 the Coathanger 20 or so doubles near Cr399 with all info

Going Deep for Doubles: The NGC 140


Saber's Southern Sky Doubles


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