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Best tripod for GM8

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#1 starboy1954


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Posted 16 February 2011 - 09:56 AM

Well thanks to people on this site I am pretty sure that I will purchase a GM8 (non-goto) for my probable Tak TSA 120. But also per advice of the conoscenti on this site, the LW tripod that can come with it is somewhat shaky. I'm wondering what would be a better tripod to put under it.


#2 Eddgie



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Posted 16 February 2011 - 10:41 AM

First, the GM-8 Tripod I think would actually work quite well for this scope for visual only. The TSA 120 only weighs about 14 lbs with dovetail and rings, and it is not a particularlly long OTA.

In fact, I think the Losmanday LW tripod is an excellent tripod. Very light, and quite ridgid for the very light weight.

I would say you should try it first because I think it is about the perfect tripod for this scope.

As for your question though, the Losmandy uses a kind of proprietary tripod. I think there are people that sell adapters so you can use other tripods under it but now you have to buy an adapter AND a tripod.

Otherwise, if I am not mistaken, the G11 tripod will fit it out of the box. The GM11 tripod is one of the best tripods out there. Perhaps when you make the purchase you can buy the GM8 head and then just buy the G11 tripod to go with it rather than buy the complete mount.

There may be other people out there selling custom replacement tripods, but often these aftermarket tripods reallly aren't all that much cheaper than the manufacturer's upgraded tripod.

Honestly though, I think the LW tripod would be a great tripod for this scope. I used a C9.25 on my GM8 and I used it routinelyl at higher powers than you will likely commonly use the TSA at, and I always felt the stability of the mount was excellent, and the C9 is much heavier and not all that much shorter.

So, best bet would be to buy the GM-8 head and sub the G11 tripod.

HOnestly though, if you are going to do THIS, why not just buy a G11???????? The GM8 head weighs 21 lbs. The G11 head weighs 36 lbs.

So, if you are going to get the heavier tripod anyway, by the time you spend the extra money, why not just get the G11 and be done with it. For an extra 15 lbs of head weight, you can own one of the finests GEM mounts made today.

#3 Frank Boreas

Frank Boreas

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Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:06 AM

Eddgie makes some good points.
If you are going to frequently travel to darker sites the GM 8 should suffice, the G11 with the HD legs is about 35 lbs. heavier and is not alot of fun to schlepp around, but if it is for backyard only you can either go with HD legs or the full G11.
I have used a GM 8 with a 15 lb. payload (but with a scope at a shorter FL) for some years now and it has given me rock steady, problem free performance.


#4 JLP


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Posted 16 February 2011 - 02:13 PM

I have a GM-8 and G-11. I liked the OEM GM-8 tripod, but found that when I switched from a WO ZS80FD and a Solarmax 60 DS to a 9.25 SCT, it was a bit less stable. I upgraded the G-11 to a Berleback UNI 14...mostly for aesthetics, and moved the G-11 tripod to the GM-8. I sold my GM-8 tripod and have never looked back. That gave me better future options. G-11 tripods show up for sale fairly frequently.

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