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Balancing equipment on a mount with tight axises

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Posted 27 April 2011 - 03:54 PM

Hi all,

I remembered reading some conversations about having trouble with balancing equipment on mounts (in particularly the Vixen Sphinxes) due to one or more axis being tight. I happened to have stumbled on a procedure that seems to work.

It first started when I got my Voyager mount and I heard stories about unless your scope is properly balanced, you would need to really tighten down on the Alt clutch in order for it to work. I realized that if I keep the clutch off, I could adjust the weight distribution of my scope on the dovetail so that it won't tip in either direction (This is pretty much the standard method most people use to balance their scope). I then adjusted the placement of the dovetail further by turning the slow-motion knob so that the rate of ascension/decension is the same. From there I could actually use my Voyager mount pretty much without clutches or just a little if I used a heavy eyepiece.

Using that as a basis, I've had a long battle as to how much counterweight is needed on my Sphinx and using the normal method I had either 12 or 16 lbs of CW loaded. So I thought I try this method as well. So, after loading my scope and weights on my Sphnix, I set my RA level so that both my CW and scope were level, then by using my RA motors with the clutches off, I tried to turn my RA axis, and sure enough I found out that I need to have 16 lbs of CW and it's appropriate placement on the CW shaft. I also did the same for the DEC axis and retested both to make sure nothing had changed.

I hope this method helps others out there.


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Posted 27 April 2011 - 04:07 PM

I have used that method with my Voyager also, but never took the extra mental step to apply it to my other mounts. Thanks for the good thinking! I will certainly give that a go when I'm out next.

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