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ASGT/CG5-GT gear play elimination,

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Posted 05 May 2011 - 01:31 AM

Hello friends,
A couple of years ago , when i bought the ASGT mount i noticed some gear play which i never gave much attention up to the moment i started doing long exposure photography.
When i decided to fix this as it was something it was concerning some of my italian and greek friends of observations i decided to write down a couple of pages of how i did the procedure to my mount.Unfortunatelly back then i was not subscribed to this great forum and i didn't made an English version of it.
I know it's a matter that most probably is over-discussed and there are many excellent dedicated websites out there,but i thought an extra one could knot harm anyone so here i am with a translated page of mine for whoever might be interested.
It is a work in progress still and some parts are not translated or translated properly so bare with me please.
Also, i would like to excuse myself for any grammatical or expression mistakes and if you feel the need to indicate them to me please feel free to do so.

Here is the direct link to the page.

http://www.webalice....lation eng.html

The page can be found also on my site ( which is on my signature) at the "observatory" section on the top left side.

An office word version in english is also to be uploaded soon for whoever wants an offline version of it.

I hope it may be of help to whoever needs to undergo with such a procedure on the mount, and i would like to remind that this procedure may cause loss of the Celestron guarantee and it's not at all to be concedered a "manual" or any substitude to the official service.It is just a review of how i performed this work on my own CG5-GT,nothing more.
So for any damage occured to the mount responcibility falls to whoever performs it.
For this reason i do not recomend it to whoever doesn't has a minimum familiarity with tools and electronic devices or whoever has the mount still under warranty.

After this "small disclaimer" :grin:

i hope you find it usefull. ;)

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