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The Best of the Lunie Bin

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Posted 18 July 2005 - 04:57 PM

The following links will take you to archived threads containing resources of special significance. The Lunar Observing forum has been a busy place, and the number of threads too useful to allow to fade away has increased accordinging. Unfortunately, this renders more than half the first page of posts those that have been made "sticky." So I've "gathered" a few of the older (or less active) resource rich threads here, with links for quick reference to those threads. As other sticky threads mellow with age, they too will be added to this Best Of post. (The threads themselves will be unstuck and allowed to drift from sight. Gone, but not forgotten if I have anything to do with it. :grin:)

Which Lunar Atlas Would You Chose?
A discussion of the relative merits of available lunar map resources.

Guidebook to Observing the Lunar 100
The how to and when to of Charles Wood's Lunar 100 list.

Poll: minimum aperture for satisfying Moon?
Does size matter?

Lunar Links
A link to a list of links. Worth the trip! ;)

A Lunar Bibliography
A list of references dealing with the Moon, including embedded links to other threads in which specific volumes are discussed.

Sketching: Tools and Techniques
Here is the thread that led to the revival of sketching as a topic for discussion on Cloudy Nights. :grin:

Guide to Plato Craterlets
Looking for a Lunar observing challenger? Check this out!

Step-by-Step Lunar Sketching
A detailed how-to thread on sketching lunar features by one of the CN Master Sketchers.

White on Black Paper Lunar Sketching Technique
A detailed account of a very different method for making lunar sketches.

Walking the Moon on Earth: A lava Tube Field Trip

Walking the Moon on Earth: Oregon Expedition
Examples of geological features known to exist on the Moon, but in much more convenient locations!

Lunar Observing: Seeing, Magnification, and Aperture
How much detail can you resolve on the face of the Moon?

How Small Can You See? A follow on to Lunar Observing: Seeing, Magnification, and Aperture providing links to identified features and scaled images.

Lunar Maps A very flexible and user friendly source for maps of the Moon put together by a CN member.

LRO Globe Map of Near Side
Pretty much what the title is.

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