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Jason Rotary telescope

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 10:35 AM

Another $5 thrift store find.In pretty good condition with box but no tripod.The box touts only 410 maximum power for this 60mm which is almost conservative compared to the makers who shout 575X or 675X!Sans barlow the powers are 41X,82X and 205X.

Contemplating this scope I realized the design makes a lot of sense if done well.Especially if the target users are children or adults with limited time and interest.

This is a 60mm 820mm f/l (f13.6) refractor with a rotary eyepicec turret holding 20mm,10mm,and 4mm eyepieces ,plus the terrestial 18mm plugs into the end of the turret.The star diagonal cleverly hinges out of the way for land viewing,so you can assume a comfortable neck position in both types of viewing.
Then there is a selector knob that can insert (internal to the scope) either a moon filter or a 2x barlow ,or nothing at all in the optical path before the diagonal.
So you have no need to fumble in the dark changing things and the only parts subject to likely loss are the eyepiece caps because they have no strings attached!

There is room for improvement such as sturdier construction,and I'd spec the eyepieces and barlow differently to avoid power duplication.

I think this should be a fun little "taste of astronomy" and "just a quick look" scope because nothing else need be caried out.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:11 PM


Can you post some photos? I'd really like to see what your new scope looks like because it sounds very interesting.


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