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ES Twilight I alt az mount

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 12:02 PM

The mod is very simple: 2 3"x4" steel plates, clear drilled for 1/4"-20 machine screws and nuts. No tapping is necessary. The arm is sandwiched between the two. I don't know the actual gauge of the plates as they were scrap and I don't have a caliper but they're just under 1/8". Since refractors carry their weight at the ends, the longer tube of your 4" will likely have some moment arm and could benefit from the added stiffness. I like this mount. The steel legs are vibration dead. The motions are smooth with a little slop in azimuth as mentioned earlier and the wide stance and weight of the legs minimizes the "tail heavy" tendencies of this type of mount with an angled arm. Good luck and clear skies.

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 01:28 PM


I'd like to clarify some small errors from my previous posts regarding the TWI:

-The weight of the raw mount/tripod is 15.3 lbs. (my previous post of 18 lbs. is wrong)

-The vertical shaft which screws into the bottom of the mount head has a metric 10mm (X1.50) thread (my previous post of 3/8" is wrong).

I have an observation about the ES-TW1's weight. If the ES-TW1 is the same product as the Orion's Versago III, then their weight should be the same. According to Orion, Versago is 18 lbs (see Versago III specs), so maybe your original post on ES-TW1 weight of 18 lbs is correct?

OTOH, from another thread, Jim7728 mentioned that the ES-TW1's tripod is a CG4, and the Starboy's tripod is equivalent to a CG5. And the Starboy's weight is also 18 lbs according to Vixen. If the ES-TW1 and Starguy are both 18 lbs and the Starguy uses a CG5 equivalent tripod, that will seem to suggest that the ES-TW1/Versago III's mount is heavier (more heavy duty?) than the Starguy's mount? Reviews from this thread also suggest that ES-TW1's CG4-like tripod is stable enough while Locoman commented that the Astroguy's mount is the weak link (this thread). If so, it will seem the ES-TW1 has a better balance of mount and tripod than Starguy and at the same time still manage to be $100 cheaper. Is this the correct conclusion? I am interested in buying 1 of them and would like to know which one to get. I am planning to use the mount with an existing 6" F5 reflector and a 102mm F9.8 refractor. I want the setup to be as portable as possible.

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