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magnetic influence when put skyscout on a Dob

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#1 John Wang

John Wang

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Posted 28 June 2012 - 12:07 AM

I just bought a SkyScout recently. When holding on my hand or put on a tripod, it works fine. The object shows inside the circles. But I don't like the two round glass view finder. First, the two glasses block quite a lot of light. I can barely see my target through these two glasses. Second, it's hard to aligh the two circles in the glass together with my target. The three things have different focus distance, I find it's difficult to align all three together at the same time. I wonder why it doesn't use the Telrad alignment idea. Not sure if it is patented or not. I think the focus of the circles in Telrad is quite far away and I only need to align one circle with the star. It's much easier than the Skyscout.
Partially of this alignment problem with my eye, and also I am looking for a cheaper and easy method to make my 12" dob a push to telescope, I try to test if the skyscout can combine with my dob. The problem I found today is the magnetic infulence on the skyscout which I found it's from the telescope body. It's an iron cylinder. When the distance of the two equipments is more than 1 foot away from each other, the magnet sign on skyscout disappears, but the direction of the testing star is still wrong. I tried to put a piece of magnet on the telescope to neutralize the magnetic field by the telescope, but not successful. I wonder who met the problem before and how to solve it?

#2 Jawaid I. Abbasi

Jawaid I. Abbasi


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Posted 28 June 2012 - 12:16 PM

The SkyScout indeed is an excellent instrument to use and I had been using it for one year as a DSC system.

Send me an email and I will send some instruction to you and let us know your telescope size like 6", 8" 10" or 12"

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