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Occulation Photography

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 04:32 PM

Hi Guys,

At my location (South Africa) we have a occulation of jupiter by the moon coming up.

I want to create various images of the event so I and will be using my DSLR and telescope combo to create wide field views of the event but I also want to shoot high resolution images at the moment the moon moves in front of jupiter, using my flea 2 mono camera.

Now except for the exact timing I need to get right for the high resolution image I am wondering how I will expose the image, with the very bright moon and dimmer jupiter touching each other? For the final image I guess I will have to combine 2 images, one of the moon correctly exposed and then one of jupiter correctly exposed, with a burned out moon. But by burning out the moon to expose jupiter correctly, wont I hurt the image to much, having a huge glow over the planet?

This is really a tricky event to photograph but I would love to get it right, any ideas or suggestions from you more seasoned guys will be highly valued. I myself is more a deep sky guy, so I am venturing out of my depth on this one!


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