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Sequence Generator - Image Capture Suite 2.1.12

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 06:18 PM

Sequence Generator is a powerful image capture suite that supports equipment profiling for easy sequence generation, powerful event sequencing, auto focus, automatic precision target centering, click-to-center, automatic meridian flipping (using PHD) and hundreds of other features.

To find out more visit our site at www.mainsequencesoftware.com

Version 2.1.12 Beta Released for testing:

Important Notes
1.) This version of SGPro is not compatible with older sequences.
2.) PHD Advanced Auto Guider has been removed and replaced with PHD v1 and PHD v2. PHD version 1.13.6 and better should be considered as PHD v2 (it will be released this way when PHD 1.13 is no longer beta). If you were using PHD Advanced, you will need to update your profiles to PHD v2. Automatic meridian flips require PHD v2 to function.
3.) Some information on sequencing and multiple targets. The sequencer selects works in a hierarchical manner. That is to say that it will always consider events on the target in the highest (top-most) position first. If you have defined multiple targets, the sequence will start executing events from the "top-most" target and finish with events in the "bottom-most" target. This logic will always remain true, even if you reorder the targets. For example, if you have three targets and run half of the events in the top-most target, pause, move target 2 to the top-most position, target 2 will start up when the sequence is resumed and the next available event for target 2 will begin to run. Targets can be re-ordered in real time and the same rules will apply (in this case the current event will always finish). If you pause and resume the sequence in such a way that does not cause the current / next target to change (i.e. run pause / resume with no target reordering), then the sequence will resume where it left off (i.e. same target, next event). If you have a target higher in the target list that you don't want considered for work, you simply need to un-check the check box.

- Can now add a new event that is a copy of another (in the same target)
- An event can now copy from another event or copy to other events (using the gear icon next to the event number). You can use this to define one event and propagate some or all of these properties to other events.
- Better support for non-English regional settings
- PHD Advanced is now called PHD v2 (see note 2 above). If you were using PHD Advanced, update your profiles to use PHD v2
- Modified automatic resume of auto center and meridian flip such that selecting a guide star is more reliable
- Added time to flip indicator. Located in the status bar in the main window (next to the globe), the telescope tab and the telescope module.
- Can now hide the status bar if you don't want it.
- Added OK buttons to RA and DEC angle / hour entry dialogs
- Blind solver is now enabled even is no plate solver is selected
- Added tooltips to main window status icons
- In-sequence reordering of targets is now allowed

- Fixed blind solver not working issues
- Fixed a bug that would erroneously complain about bad profiles when the manager was opened
- Fixed a bug where you were unable to uncheck the first event in a target (reloading the sequence it would be checked again)
- SGPro now remembers the states of hidden status and tool bars
- Fixed some log spamming when side of pier is not implemented in the scope
- More canon fixes for better compatibility with all models (DIGIC III and better)
- Better support for hotkeys like CTRL+E for the control panel from anywhere in the application
- In-sequence use of centering and slewing is now properly disabled
- Fixed several bugs around copying and renaming files that occurred after image grading

As always, you can find it here:

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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