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Is my binoviewer OK?

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#1 Taeyoung



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Posted 14 November 2012 - 03:19 AM

I have a Nikon Binoviewer, it seemed to be from nikon's microscope.
It's problem is...
Form the direction 1, the image doubled.
If I rotate binoviewer then two images rotate each other.
Form the direction 2, I can merge image easily..
Far sight is instant near takes few seconds...about 0.5 sec.

I disassembled once(only discover labled 3 part).
The prizm was fixed with glue and it was very hard so I can't move it, so I think it didn't do any collimation problems.

Is my binoviewer needs collimation?
How can I do that?
The prizms are all fixed.
Is anyone disassembled this binoviewer before?

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#2 GlennLeDrew


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 12:39 PM

When looking into the nosepiece (direction 1), virtually all binoviewers show image doubling. This is OK. It's often necessary to introduce this doubling when doing final collimation at the factory.

The important thing is collimation when peering through the eyepieces (direction 2). Often times, even with a well collimated unit there can be some misalignment due to eyepiece tilt or looseness, the presence of a safety undercut on the eyepiece barrel, and the way the eyepiece barrel is tightened And the shorter the eyepiece focal length, the more this is exaggerated. For many binoviewers, one may not be able to use eyepieces having focal lengths shorter than about 8-10mm. To achieve higher powers, try a Barlow in front of the BV.

You can also see what collimation is like when the eyepieces are not locked down. Then you can make little adjustments by wiggling one or both until a comfortable view results...

#3 Taeyoung



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Posted 14 November 2012 - 06:36 PM

Wow, Thanks Glenn^^

#4 orion61



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Posted 29 March 2013 - 01:40 PM

I had a pair of those that were made into Telescope Binoviewers, They were and still are good.
I gave them to a friend when I bought new ones.
I dropped them and knocked them out. I ordered a new pair and took them apart as a what the heck deal.
I took the glue loose (one side only!) used JB Kwik weld
Set up an Artificial star, and held the mirror in place while it set up enough (5 minutes) it came out great.
It is still actually brighter than my new pair, but he didn't have a pair..
He has called me Long distance sever times thanking me!!
Indeed find someone to finish them for you. or PM Me
Possibly I can for you!
I am making a pair of 2" imput ones from an old AO Spencer Bino Head now. Those will sell for about $75.00 when I'm done with them, you can buy old bino heads for as little as $25.00 and Convert them.

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