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LXD 75

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#1 wirebender


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 09:02 PM

I just went out to set up for pics to sell the goody.
It all worked fine last year, I loaned it out. Guy said it seemed to have short and would stop working. I hoped for a loose power connection from the battery pack.
So now, it has sat in the roll off for about 9 months.
When I turn on the power, the 497 hand box does not light up. The power light fades and goes out if you jiggle the hand box connection. Disconnect the hand box and light stays on, even when jiggleing the connections for the dec drive.
Hand box does not light up when connected to my other LXD75.
Tried switching cables, etc. 497 box is dead.
My thoughts are there is a short in the power panel close to the hand box plug in, or that plug itself.
Any ideas?
I don't want to test my good 497 on it anymore, afraid it might get fried.

#2 Cliff Hipsher

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 09:46 PM

I had a similar problem with mine just last week. I'd been using a 25 foot car adapter, and then the other day I tried the battery box. Went back to the car adapter and the mount started acting screwy.

I traced it down to the power connector. As it turns out the battery cord plug is just a tad "fatter" than the car cord plug is, and that is what caused my problems.

If you look inside the power panel socket you will see the center post and what looks like a "tongue" contact in the side wall. When I plugged in the battery box plug it pushed this "tongue" back just enough to keep my car cord from making good contact.

I sure hope this is your problem, because getting the control panel out to work on it is gonna be a pain.

When the power panel was assembled the power switch was not soldered to the circuit board until AFTER the board was mounted to the enclosure. The power switch housing locks into the front of the enclosure and is then soldered to the circuit board.. Talk about a dumb way to make things...

#3 wirebender


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 10:23 PM

Yup...fiddled with power connector, all is fine there.
Hand box never lights up, power light will fade and go out when the hand box cable is jiggled at the main box plug in.
Seems like a short or loose connection.
This guy is in the classifieds, as is.

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