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CG-5GT motor control failure, no response 17 & 16

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 11:34 AM

Yea, I didn't read much about others with this board failing, and found no one else with the problem only when the board is cold. I figured it was a rare problem but after having the problem occur for more then a week it was just something I could feel and knew it was going to be this board or the power control board. I had already attempted the easy stuff, new power supply, played with all the wires when the problems happened and no amount of wiggle or movement would make the scope work again in the cold. Tested each part I could take off in the freezer, except the boards, and the scope still worked fine inside. I didn't get the idea to remove the board and freeze it until someone suggested it, and sure enough a frozen control board fails the scope even in the garage, until it heats up.

In hind sight, there were alot of other signs the motor control board was going out, even when the scope was working inside. The sound from the motors sounded like a dieing cat, and didn't keep a constant speed, like they were all the sudden being starved for current at times. The go-to approach was much different on the old board, the scope makes a fairly long approach on go-to now, old board was very short (both on factory settings). I didn't know how badly the old board was functioning until I replaced it and experienced a night with the new one.

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