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Another C5/Maxbright observing

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#1 Eddgie


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 07:54 PM

My Mark Vs are supposed to ship at the end of the week or early next week, and as the time comes near, I have to say that the scope I am most interested in using with the Mark Vs is my C5!

I am getting ready to go out of town so did not want to bring out the C14, but the first quarter moon beckoned, and I figured "What the heck, do it with the C5."

And WOW! I have never seen the moon so great in the C5 as it is with the Maxbrights!

In particular, I explored the region Triesnecker Rille.

It was obvious in the 19mm Orion Flat Fields, but not big enough. I stepped up to the Hyperion 13s and what a great view!

I have studied this area many times in many small scopes, but at higher powers, I always had trouble getting my eye to really bring out a lot of the complexity of this wonderful system. To be fair, the lighting was favorable, but the view was excellent excellen excellent.

And while the brigtness was of course a bit reduced, I really felt like I was still seeing more detail than ever before.

The reason I am excited about the Mark V is that the C5 is best suited to 1.25" eyepeices, so if a 24mm Panoptic or similar eyepiece is the best match for this scope, it will not be working at much of a low power limit. It will get almost the same size true field with the Binoviewers as it does in Mono mode (not quite, but not far off).

And even with the 19mm Flat fields, which have only about 2/3rs of the view I expect from the 24mm Hyperion, the (relativly) wide field is a lot of fun. I am sure that with the 24mm Hyperions it is going to be great!

But the moon was a fanstastic in the C5. I fell as it has never looked quite so good in any small scope as it did in the C5 tonight. Just fantastic. So sharp and so much fine detial, and no problems with floaters or graininess that I used to often get using the C5 in mono-vision mode.

Jupiter later tonight if the high clouds will hold off.

Less than 10 days for the Mark Vs. Can't wait.

#2 Space Dragon

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 08:12 PM

Sounds good Eddgie. I was also out tonight and the Moon was in sharp relief for a couple of clear hours.
I was lucky to pick up a pair of Zeiss 25mm orthos and these in the Maxbright through a 90mm refractor made the Moon photographic. Lots of fine detail but still within a wide field.
I also picked up an Earthwin Bino with Powerswitch and Filterslide for use with my 925 SCT.
I was planning to sell the Maxbright but have decided against that as it's weight and size for the frac is great and is still really grab and go, I can carry the whole set up with one hand.
I will keep both Binos and use the strengths of each.

Still hesitant about trying the ES 68/Hyperions due to face fit but you seem to be liking the Hyperions?

#3 Eddgie


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 09:12 PM

Well, I think that if the ES 2468s may be OK. For me, the trick to making the Hyperions work was removing the silicone thread protector at the shoulder. The Hyperions have a big, fat, wide shoulder, and I don't think the ES 2468s are as wide in that area.

I am thinking that in time I might try a pair of the ES 2468s myself now.

But I just banged out a truckload of money to get the Mark V binos, so for now, I have to crawl back into my man cave and lick the wounds.

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