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Sequence Generator - Image Capture Suite 2.1.14

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 12:39 PM

Sequence Generator is a powerful image capture suite that supports equipment profiling for easy sequence generation, powerful event sequencing, auto focus, automatic precision target centering, click-to-center, automatic meridian flipping (using PHD) and hundreds of other features.

To find out more visit our site at www.mainsequencesoftware.com

- Auto flipping is still not yet compatible with Takahashi mounts (working on this with Chuck F). Getting close now...

- Images solved with Pinpoint now have stars with proper names (modern names) labeled
- Added feature that allows for selecting an "override" filter for use during auto focus (should not be used unless you have tested that your filters are parfocal)
- Solve and sync and auto meridian flips now respect the plate solve override filter
- Increased range for AF step size
- Added option for QSIs to disable hi-speed readout during frame and focus and plate solving
- Last focus time and temp are no longer reset if the camera is disconnected
- Reduced the auto focus max star count to 300 (from 1000). This should be more than sufficient to calculate a mean HFR
- Changed the way auto focus detects star collisions (gets better data)
- A warning is now generated if you attempt to start a sequence with an active target and no active events
- An error is now generated if you attempt to start a sequence with the telescope in the park position (assuming the sequence requires a telescope)

- Hot keys (keyboard shortcuts) are no longer active outside of SGPro
- Fixed a bug where AF frames with too much data took a long time to calculate HFR
- Fixed a bug that would cause SG to crash when swapping events with over 100 frames
- Fixed a bug that would fail to reset events above six
- Fixed a bug that would attempt to center on a sequence that was past its end time
- Auto flipping now honors the scope settling delay
- Fixed a bug where new sequences prompted for save
- ASCOM cameras properly checks if driver supports retrieving cooler power before requesting it now
- If you paused guiding during auto focus, it will now stay paused until you are done (even if you try again)
- Fixed a bug where guiding would sometimes not pause on auto focus (assuming you have is checked)

As always, you can find it here:

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