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Posted 28 November 2012 - 02:31 PM

I've started working on a simple jabber bot intended for astronomy. Bot is written in Python and the sources are on GitHub https://github.com/amigur/skybber. Current bot's JID is skybber@jabbim.cz. The bot should be helpfull when you need get a quick info about Iridium flares, ISS passes, moon/sun/planets rise/set and the length of astronomical night in specified locations.

You can register yourself by sending "reg" command. There is a list of available commands:

addloc <name> <longitude> <latitude> - add user location.
iri - show Iridium flares
iss - show ISS passes
jup [date] [location] - show Jupiter ephemeris
loc <name> - set the location as the new default location .
lsloc - show the list of locations
mar [date] [location] - show Mars ephemeris
mer [date] [location] - show Mercury ephemeris
moon [date] [location] - show Moon ephemeris
night [date] [location] - show the real night, taking into consideration the Moon rising/setting
prof - show user profile
reg - register user into skybber
rmloc <name> - remove location.
sat [date] [location] - show Saturn ephemeris
satinfo - information about satellite identified by satellite id
satpass - show satellite passes identified by satellite id
sun [date] [location] - show sun info
tw [date] [location] - show begin/end of current twilight
unregister - unregister user from skybber
ven [date] [location] - show Venus ephemeris

‘YYYY-MM-DD’ or ‘YYYY/MM/DD example: 2012/11/11’
- angular, example : 14.86524 50.78461
- geographic coordinations, example : 50°46'1.105"N 15°3'52.885"E
- user location, example: prague

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