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Uranus 2012 compilation

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#1 flava


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 04:03 PM

This year I was lucky to catch captures of Uranus in good conditions.

The image below is a compilation with the Baader IR685 filter. This filter is a very well suited for Uranus and got me details several times. My favorite is the capture of 14/09.
Camera-wise, Basler ACE is easier to use and gives brighter videos with it's higher gain. You have the satellites at FD27.
The IDS is more sensitive but darker (less gain). It has lower noise too. When the conditions are very good, the result is slightly better.

Posted Image

I also added a RGB from 20/09 RGB, when the Astronomik R filter R got some details too:

Posted Image

Posted Image

#2 MrJones


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 05:46 PM

Very nice. Is the "dot" on the 04/09 shot from processing?

#3 DesertRat


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 06:50 PM

Very good work Flavius! Looks like you captured some real banding in some of those captures. Well done!


#4 Sunspot


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 09:12 PM

What is astounding is that this is done with a 10" scope. I'm totally speechless.


#5 Freddy WILLEMS


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 09:20 PM

Just wonderful, how do you process these Avi's to bring out the detail Flavius ?

#6 flava


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Posted 29 November 2012 - 05:07 AM

Thank you all.
The dot on the image from 04/09 is most probably a processing artefact. I had to process quite hard as the conditions were not optimal.
The processing can be very basic. Mono point stacking with Autostakkert.
For long time captures (over 15 minutes) what helps a bit is the AltAz derotation with Winjupos. Thank you Mr. Grischa Hahn !

With the IDS camera the result is better with dark substraction. That can be done with any software (Registax, Autostakkert). What works BEST with the IDS camera is dark substraction during AltAz derotation with Winjupos. Again, thank you Mr. Grischa !

With the Basler the dark substraction is not needed.

Anyway, even witout derotation and/or dark substraction the result is good when the seeing is good.

After stacking, wavlets with Registax or unsharp mask with Iris. Not very hard, the data breaks down easily with Uranus. Global contrast enhancement or gamma adjustment for a nicer final image.

#7 Brian Albin

Brian Albin


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 02:01 AM

Thank you, Flava for sharing these. I am always fascinated to see detail on Uranus.
And to see an affordable aperture size scope bringing in the detail is always thrilling.

It is interesting to me to see how quickly the cloud patterns change on Uranus. Much faster than on Jupiter.

#8 Kokatha man

Kokatha man


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 02:58 AM

These are really great sets of images, and also effort taken Flava - congratulations..!!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

#9 CPellier


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 03:36 AM

Outstanding work Flavius on Uranus, especially with a 10" :)

#10 stanislas-jean



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Posted 30 November 2012 - 04:23 AM

Cloud pattern change can be a concern for discussion.
There are some variabilities for sure but the conditions for taking this under a narrow survey need an excellent site observation and mostly almost steady images on the observation period.
Access of big guns at valuable sites are so limited.
Anyway this present opposition was a profitable one with great results, a step above.

#11 ZielkeNightsky


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 12:51 PM

Fantastic set of images Flava. You have pushed the limits for what I thought was possible.

Thanks for posting this outstanding work.

#12 azure1961p


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 07:53 PM

You truly redefine the 10" reflector.

Astonishing actually.


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