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I like Sky & Tel

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 02:07 PM

During our last release, there was a bug that was introduced into the app that does not allow issues to be downloaded to readers’ libraries. They can still read the book online, but just cannot download to their library.

As soon as the bug was identified, we created a fix and have resubmitted all our apps to Apple. As soon as Apple approves the new versions of the apps, they will be made available to readers. Once readers download the update, they should be able to save to their libraries again. I’m hoping Apple will have all the apps re-approved within the next few days as we have had them in Apple’s hands for a while now.

So a fix is in the works, but Apple is slow to approve things.

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 05:40 PM

Ok, move over. Here comes the real Old Man. :gramps: I started my subscription while still in high school in 1963. That said, I am only 65 years young. I have been an off and on subscriber since then, currently "on". If you think it was over your head in the '80s you should have been reading in the '60s. Seriously scientific articles written by some of the greatest astronomers and cosmologists of the day. The ATM section alone was filled with complex equations and all kinds of stuff you won't have seen in years. It has been been considerably dumbed down since those days, but what popular magazine hasn't?

Yes, the web site is clunky and I don't like the digital version much at all. I believe they out-source a lot of this and the drop in quality shows. I also subscribe to the digital version of Astronomy but don't look at it much even tho I think it is better done that the S&T digital version. If it doesn't knock me on the head in the mail box and hang around my coffee table, I'm not likely to read it. So keep up the good work on the paper edition!


Me too. 1963. I prefer the digital version for ecological reasons.

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