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Working on a FileMaker Pro based logging system

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 09:53 AM

I've been working on a FileMaker Pro based log system for a couple months that I would be willing to share if there is any interest. I think it works well as a compliment to SkySafari. There is one catch because I wanted it to work with the iPad: it requires FMP 12.

As of now it has the following features:
Includes the following objects: Messier, Herschel 400 and Caldwell. There are multiple tabs for viewing: overview of object data, live wikipedia search for current object, detailed description of object, up to 4 images of each object. Main home screen has easy button based searching for all objects, all Messier or all Herschel, viewed of each group, and unseen from each group.

It includes an easy to use button for logging multiple viewings of each object. Each viewing allows you to note which eyepieces were used, atmospheric conditions, location, written and AUDIO notes. I currently have it set to auto calculate magnification for my telescope but others could be added. I just recently added the field for audio recording notes and am super happy with it, a very convenient feature that works via laptop or iPad/iPhone.

It can be used on a Mac or Windows and networked/shared with an iPad or iPhone for data entry during the observing session. I use SkySafari to find everything then do the data entry in FileMaker. Because I'm hopping between the two apps (and also due to numerous accidental clicks) I'm using a red screen cover on the iPad so I have not added any kind of night mode.

You can use this stand alone with an iPad but I think it is better to use it on a computer and share it via the network. I do need to tweak a few things before I make it available. Unfortunately I was not initially planning to share this publicly and have been copy pasting text/images from SkySafari into the objects database. Probably not a good idea for me to share it with that content.

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