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CPC tracking too fast?

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 12:39 AM

It's been on of 'those' evening, hehe. I am trying to work on m42 as a beginning imager with my equipment in my exploradome.

I have my CPC with an atik camera in the hyperstar configuration with an ED80T mounted on top of my CPC 1100 with an SSAG attached to the ED80T for guiding.

I am using PHd for guiding. First off, my guiding is not going well. I get a lot of dec drift both north and south and my RA is just 'okay'--varies +/-1px much of the time.

I think my problem stems from my CPC. It is doing something a LOT lately that I can only get it to quit reliably by turning it off and on. Sometimes turning tracking off and then back on fixes it for a while too.

What it is doing is tracking too fast. I can take consecutive images every 1 sec and see my image shifting as if it wasn't tracking...but in the wrong direction. If I turn off tracking, the image will then shift back the other way. I don't ever recall having this problem before and it is happening every night now for the last few nights and of course, ruining my imaging.

Any ideas about what is going on? I have my CPC 1100 mounted on a pier and wedge. It is well polar aligned (someone told me that could be the cause for the DEC drift up and down when Phd guiding--too well polar aligned.)

I use ASCOM with the Celestron Driver for connecting Maxim or Sequence Generator Pro to the scope (also connect the dome control and Starry Night Pro Plus. Everything else seems to connect fine and work okay, just issues with the CPC-1100. (I've had some issues losing alignment with it before where it suddenly decides it is pointed somewhere else or sometimes just gets off 10 degrees or so--I thought this might be a balance issue and worked on that and haven't had that happen since then).

Anyway, it's been frustrating. Help if you can please.



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