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Stellacam use.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 02:34 PM

I spent some time out last night trying a new set up.
I placed the Stellacam III in a 50mm finder scope normally used for auto-guiding on the C11. I have never tried this and after seeing some results on the internet, I decided to give it a try.
My first target was M37. With the C11 and a 25mm eyepiece the magnification was x112.
The view was great and well within the cluster. The outer stars were not in the FOV and there was no "feel" of a cluster as it was the only thing in the FOV.
No background of open space to appreciate the cluster's ambiance.
After a lot of fussing to get the camera to focus, the 7 inch screen displaying the Stellacam's view through the 50mm was very different. The cluster sat in the center of the screen showing all of its stars and with the wide FOV, the cluster's boundaries were clearly defined. The cluster took on a whole new aspect having it sitting in such a wide field of view.
My wife and grandson sat at the table observing the view for several minutes really enjoying the view.

I then moved the scope over to M1. In the eyepiece under my light polluted city sky, M1 was a ghostly smudge with no definition and best viewed with averted vision.
The 7 inch screen showed a starry sky dominated by a grey smudge in the center of the screen. Again there was no definition, but M1 was clearly there.
The other thing is that the 50mm was suffering from stray light as there is no dew shield on the finder scope. Between street lights, cars etc. there was some pretty bad light banding and reflections. I think that if I wish to continue the use of the 50mm, further enhancements would have to be made to the little finder scope. I think I would really like to see what Andromeda, North American
nebula and the Pelican nebula would look like with this set up next summer.
For now I will keep my current set up with the C11 using the Stellacams in line with a 6.3 Focal reducer/corrector and flip mirror. M1 through this set up is superb!

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 04:38 PM

The SC/III is a nice cam. I used a I and owned a II for about a year. Only gave it up to go to color for outreach. Just play around with it and see what the capabilities are. You might be surprised.

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